Winter COLD questions?



I’m a VERY worried about Winter in Europe and the tour, so have a few questions:

Do the accomodations have substantial heating??
Does it get cold on the bus??
Is one sleeping bag enough??
Should I bring Ugg Boots with proper shoe soles?
Should I bring gumboots?

That’s all I can think of right now :slight_smile: Thanks


Hey anna, I can answer some but not all of your questions.

yes the accom is heated, hence that why some places are hotel upgrades as the campgrounds dont meet the standard,

the busses have air con, so are kept at a resonable temp,

for a sleeping bag get a good general one that ranges from 0 deg through to 20 deg (in nz would be a 3 season rating)

hope this helps



Hi Anna,

Thanks for your questions…Europe can be quite chilly over winter, so we definitely suggest packing some warm clothing and a sleeping bag if you’re travelling on a Euroclub trip.

Uggboots and Gumboots are entirely up to you!


Topdeck Team


Hi Anna,

I’m also going to Europe in winter. Which tour are you going on?



I am also concerned about these things!!
I’m going on the Winter Getaway leaving Jan 22, anyone else on this one?