Winter Clothing


HI[br]Has anyone advice for clothing in Nov in Europe?


Get coats and jeans while sales are still on.[br][br]I hate pants, I only wear them for work so I’m going to try and get away with dresses in Europe this winter :expressionless:


It can get rather cold in Europe in winter so I would recommend at least one pair of pants, jacket, warm jumpers, hat, scarf, gloves and thick socks.[br][br]Best,[br][br]Anita


What about the weather in October? Will it still be warm in europe?


Winter does not start in Europe until December.[br][br]October can be very nice and sunny or can turn a bit wet, depending on which part of Europe you are visiting. Bringing a rain jacket, pair of jeans, and at least one thin jumper could be a good idea.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita