Winter Clothing


I am going on a Winter tour in Dec and also spending an extra week in London.

Any suggestions of clothing or extra items to bring to stay warm?
Or even know of any good online stores to purchase a good warm jacket or other clothing to take over there?

I’ve been looking online but it’s hard to tell what would be warm! Would appreciate all suggestions and advise


Check stores like Anaconda, Katmandu etc… both have online stores… most of the clothing these places sell has good thermal properties and isn’t super expensive…


Will do :slight_smile: Thanks

Keep the suggestions coming if you have experience the cold Europe winter and have any tips on MUST BRING items :slight_smile:


im going in winter too and its so hard to pack everything as the limit is only 20kg, how much tops,pants ,shoes etc should we bring ?? any suggestions from past travellers.


The suggested clothing is written on page three of the pre departure information, though each person is different.

Would be great to hear from past travellers whether this was sufficient or needed less/more.



north face make really warm stuff. um… i can’t tell if you’re a guy or a girl but if you’re a girl stuff like leggings underneath jeans would probably help keep warm or tights (i’m not a huge fan of thermals). And layering is definitely gonna be your friend.


oh and must bring stuff… jeans definitely. you can wear them more than most stuff before they need washing and they’re pretty warm and can be worn for so many different activities… bring a few pairs even. i took 3 last time i think


I’m a girl, so I will certainly being along leggings and similiar tights for underneath.

Thanks for all the advice :slight_smile:


bought this jacket its the best for winterr so warm :slight_smile:


If your going to europe, they have street markets everywhere! where I have personnally picked up cheap jumpers and jackets for around 5-10 euros. Next time I will pack what I can/need and if its not enough Ill grab some cheapo’s to get me thru til I return to AUS. I still have most of my jumpers from last time (some I threw out before my flight), I reconmend layers, skivies, long sleave shirts, singlets, thermals, leggings etc, they weigh nothing, take up next to no room, just put more or less on depending, this way youll only need a water/snow proof jacket and maybe a jumper.


Petra, how was the sizing on that jacket and is it wind proof? I’ m trying to decide between this one and another.


Hey the sizing was good and its good quality, the jacket is so warm that i think will be great for the tour.


I also, have brought Winter Clothes Online… Here, I am sharing some websites that are my favourite one and they provide woolen clothes for both Men and Women including [link=]Winter Jackets, Overcoats, Capes, Dresses[/link] and many more…, that are made of 100% Wool that provides extra warmth.