Winter Britain & Ireland Jan/Feb 2016


Hi There,

My friend and I are booked in on the Winter Britain and Ireland tour that starts on the 30th of Jan and we are unsure of what the bag situation is on the bus. We are aware one piece of luggage such as a medium suitcase or bag is allowed but we were wondering if we are allowed to take a carry on bag on the bus with us while we are travelling and how big this bag could be if allowed? (basically can we take a small plane luggage bag on the bus with us as well as have our suitcase underneath the bus?)

Kim :slight_smile:


Hi Kim,

I will be on the same tour as you and your friend so nice to meet you!

I believe that a small plane luggage bag is fine.

See you in London!

Ellen :smile:


Hi Ellen!

I believe I got my date wrong I think it starts on the 31st of January is that the one you are doing also? :slight_smile:

Kim :slight_smile:


I’m on this trip as well and just finished another tour. Most people on the bus only took on a backpack or something around that size. But some did have two bags which were put under the bus.


Yes it is :slight_smile:


Hi Declan,

What tour did you just do?



Just finished the Winter Expedition. Amazing trip! Would recommend it to everyone.