Winter Britain & Ireland Departing 23/10/16


Anyone else booked in this tour yet? :slight_smile:


Hey Jen,

I am booked on this trip! Will have just come off the Mega European trip and will be hanging around in London for 2 weeks prior! :slight_smile: My name is Amanda, from Brisbane. Pretty excited


Hi Amanda,
Nice to meet you. I’m from Sydney. Are you travelling solo?
I’m solo for this tour, but then head to Iceland a couple of days after the end of this tour and meeting a friend there to do a Northern Lights Exploration tour!
Have you done TopDeck tours before?



I will be traveling solo :slight_smile: Never been on topdeck before though! Oh that sounds amazing! Was thinking of doing iceland after the tour too but the tours seem so expensive/ didnt want to go there solo haha


Yeah Iceland isnt the cheapest - but compared to the rest of Scandinavia where you can see the Northern Lights as well it was cheap.
I’m booked with “On The Go” for Iceland. I didn’t find a lot of companies that actually run tours in Iceland.

So it looks like you’re travelling for quite a while?


Ill definitely have to have a look into it!

Yeah ill be heading for europe on August 11th and heading home mid to late november :slight_smile: You?


Sorry, I thought I had replied to this!!
I am only away for a month this time. Fly out of Sydney 20/10 and land back here 21/11
I’m heading to China departing on Easter Sunday and then Hawaii in June so was pushing my luck with time off work for this trip lol. I’m lucky my boss likes to travel as well so he understands.

I’ve booked my accommodation now for after the tour. I wanted to stay somewhere closer to Central London. So I’m staying at the departure hotel before but elsewhere for the couple of days after.
Since you’re in London so long between your tours are you staying with friends or family?


I just booked this trip, I have traveled with top deck before and they are amazing.


Hi Morganjane,
Nice to meet you. Where are you from?


Are you on the tour that departs 23/10? I just saw you posted on another forum for a different departure date :slight_smile:


I read wrong i thought you were leaving in september, I’m leaving in september :confused:


Anyone else booked on this tour yet?


I got told that not many people who book actually post on the forums or even use them so there is probably a few people going :slight_smile:


Apparently there is 19 :slight_smile:


I wonder with the AUD being better agsinst GBP if more people will book now??


Hey Jen, I’m booked on this tour. I’m Josh and I’m from Perth!


Hi Josh, how are you? Not long now. I’m counting down the days.
Are you just doing this tour while overseas or have other plans?


Yeah I’m the same, looking forward to it! I’ve got two nights in London before the trip, three in London after and then I head to Newcastle for two nights and Manchester for three nights before coming home.
What about yourself? Got much planned before and after?
Do you know how many people have booked the tour? Have you done a topdeck before?


I’ve also got 2 nights before and 3 nights after in London, then I meet up with a friend and head to Iceland.
I haven’t done Topdeck before but I’ve done 13 Contiki and have been told they’re very similar so looking forward to it.
As of a few weeks ago apparently there were 19 people booked but it may have increased since then with the AUD better value against the GBP.
Were you travelling solo?


Iceland will be sweet, its definitely on my list of places to go!
Yeah same with me, first topdeck but done a couple of contiki’s…
19 is alright, bit smaller than contiki groups, but I reckon like you said, more will have booked since.
Yeah travelling solo, what about yourself?