Winter Britain & Ireland Dec 27th 2015



I’ve just booked this tour and couldn’t find a forum on it so just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour? Would be great to get in contact before we go :smile:


Hey, I am on the too. Wrote a message on he meet app but haven’t heard from anyone.



Hey :slight_smile: it’s great to finally hear from someone haha. Are you travelling alone?


Yeah I will be, well at the moment anyway. Do know people in Dublin though. Yourself?


Yeah I’m travelling alone too. Where are you from? I live in Adelaide


Hey guys… I’m going on this tour with 2 others as well! I’m from Adelaide and their from Sydney :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet everyone! Are you guys going to buy Hogmanay tickets since we’re going to be in Edinburgh for New Years Eve? I went 2 years ago and it was AMAZING!


Oh cool another adelaidian!! I was thinking I should get Hogmanay tickets but wasn’t sure what everyone else would be doing. It’s just the street party one that you need for New Years right? Will you be in London for any time before or after the trip?


Sorry I only just saw your reply, I thought I would have gotten some sort of notification if anybody replied! lol. I had my travel agent contact topdeck and it turns out this is the first year that the Hogmanay tickets are included in the price for the tours that are going to be there over New Years so they’re already organised for us, hopefully nobody has gone and bought them!! We’re going to be in London from the 23rd and staying there afterwards until the 15th :slight_smile: how about you?


Hi everyone!
I’m also going on this trip. So excited. I’ll be going by myself, so it’s great to hear from other people going! I’m from Perth.

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Hey everyone!! I’m so excited to meet you all. I’m from Perth! Stoked to here we will be getting Hogmanay tickets with the tour, that’s awesome! I’ll be in London on Boxing Day. Is anyone else staying at the Best Western aswell? We could perhaps do dinner the night before :slight_smile: I’ll be in London from the 9-13th staying at the same hotel after the tour.


Hi Caitlin!
Yes, I’ll be arriving at the hotel on the afternoon of Boxing Day too. We should definitely make sure we see each other!


Sounds great! I don’t have Facebook, so I can’t say let’s be FB friends but my Instagram is _caitlinmareex if anyone is keen for a bit of pre holiday social media friendship. X


Hi! I’m going to be on this tour as well!! I am from the United States but I went on exchange to UQ in Brisbane for a semester so I’m excited to meet all of you Aussies :slight_smile: I will also be staying in London after the tour is over until Jan 16th so it would be great to have some folks to explore with. I can’t wait!!!


Do you guys want to meet at the hotel reception at 5pm and all go for dinner on the 26th :)??


Hey, Sorry it’s taken a while for me to reply. I’m currently working overseas so haven’t been able to get on here much. I’m flying in early on the 26th so will be keen to catch up for drinks / dinner.

I know Caitlin said she didn’t have FB but would anyone else be interested in a group page as I know on my previous tours it’s been the easiest way to keep track / find people.


(See you guys in 2 weeks :slight_smile: )

Edit: A FB group page has been created ( ). If you search for Topdeck - Winter Britain & Ireland you should see it or just add Stephanie or I (Brendan Matchett) as a friend and we can add you.


I am so keen for dinner the night before! And I agree that we should make a group page. We made one for my last tour and it worked well.
Feel free to add me on fb if you have one:


Hi all, dinner the night before sounds great? What hotel will you be at? Also fb group is a good idea, it’s so much easier than talking on here. My name is Stefanie franchitto so feel free to add me :slight_smile: so excited to meet you all xx


Hi! I’m going on this tour as well! Count down is on for holidays!


Hi all, so I’m looking at booking this!!! You all sound cool too. I’m living in NZ but actually from London, sounds daft I know but never been to Scotland or Ireland and this trip is meant to be awesome do thought I would join it with visiting family at Xmas!!!