Winter Britain & Ireland 9th - 22nd December 2018


Hey guys, looking for people who are doing this tour! 20 y/o female from Australia (first solo trip), anyone thinking of staying in London for Christmas?


Now i am not sure


Hi! I am thinking of doing an earlier tour, some time in November, but planning on staying in London for a few months afterwards and will be there for Christmas. 21 y/o female from Australia.


Hi! I’m doing this tour and staying in London for Christmas :slight_smile: I have a second tour starting on the 27th of Dec haha. I’m a 19/yo female from Australia and it’s my first time doing a group tour, super excited to meet everyone! We could chat before hand if you want, its getting so close!


Hi! First time for myself as well. Have you got accommodation or anything organised for when you return to London 22 Dec? What is your second tour? Nice to know someone doing the same tour. Turns out I am doing 09 Dec tour as well. :slight_smile:


I went through a travel agent to book everything, so they booked me into the hotel that we leave from for our tour. It’s pretty convenient! I’m doing the Winter Spirit tour right after. You said you were staying over Christmas, do you have your accommodation booked? :blush:


Hey Everyone,

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.
Im from Sydney and will be travelling solo.



Hey guys! I wont be staying in London for Christmas anymore but keen to meet you all! I’m flying out from Sydney on the 6th December :slight_smile:


Oh that’s a good idea, I might book into that same hotel a few days beforehand too.
Oh nice! How exciting! I’ll be hanging around London for a few months afterwards.
And no, I am yet to book accommodation for after the tour! Very unsure where will be best for that time of year!


How exciting! I’m hoping to fly out a few weeks earlier and stay with family in Manchester.
Have you decided to come home for Christmas, or exploring another country?


Keen to meet you too! I’m flying out from Townsville to Sydney then beyond on the 7th Dec. Maybe cutting it a bit fine time wise haha :joy:. Do you live in NSW??


Wow, a few months! That’s so great :grin: Do you know what you will be doing in that time, or will you just play it by ear? It’s hard to plan for that much time


No, I have no clue what I will be doing, planning to play it by ear until I get a feel of what it is like over there… I have never been so I have no idea what to expect, I just know that I want to explore :slight_smile: I do have a trip planned to Greece for 2 weeks end of Jan, so after that I’ll either find a job, or continue travelling a little bit more. Sorta just jumping on a plane and seeing where it takes me!


Hi! I’m doing this tour, where are you from?


Hi! I’m from Brisbane, and you?


I’m from NSW! But currently in Canberra! Hahah I’m sure it’ll work out in the end, you’ll get there!


I’m actually flying back Christmas day, getting back to Aus early boxing day! I’m trying to move into a new place so I can’t stay any longer unfortunately! Oh cool! you’ll be there for a little bit before then! :slight_smile: