Winter Britain and Ireland oct 29 2017


Hello everyone!

I’ll be traveling to Europe for the first time ever by my self! Have only ever been to Bali with one friend before, so I’m a little nervous but so excited!

I was just seeing if there is anyone doing the same tour as me?

I was also just seeing if anyone had some tips for flying, packing and traveling!

Thanks everyone! Jess :slight_smile:


Hey Jess,

I’ve just booked this trip too so I guess I’ll see you in London :slight_smile:
I’m also a solo traveller coming from Adelaide.

My biggest tip is if you don’t need to use the bathroom a lot, definitely get a window seat so then you don’t have to keep getting up for others to get out haha. That works well for me.



@Jessica_Sarah_Mangelsdorf I’m not on your trip. My sister has done quite a number of os trips. I’ve been told don’t overpack lol.

I’m a frequent flyer east to west coast and up north and prefer window seat(something to sleep on too lol) so i don’t get bothered by drunks or up and down people. I’ve just bought compression tights - my sister said they’re good but not when its really hot (she didn’t clarify that part lol) but I should have been using them along time ago lol. I went to a medical shop to be fitted for “flight socks” to ensure they were right type for me.

A neck pillow is handy too! (Try before u buy if u can see what is comfortable for you). I attach mine to my back pack with a caribeener style hook :slight_smile:

Hand sanitzer too :slight_smile: always have it just incase no soap. Where ever u are.



I also bought myself new hard shell case and packing cells from these ppl

Bought the bulk lot :slight_smile:


Oh hiii! Oh that’s so exciting! What day do you leave to head to London? I leave on the 27th and get there at about midday on the 28th

I have said that I would prefer a window seat, thank goddess! I didn’t think about people getting up and what not, I mainly thought about the views ahah


Oh yes! Flight socks is a good idea! Thankyou! I’ll have to look into getting them, I’ve heard they are amazing for long flights, I already have a few problems with my ankles and knees, so anything to help will be good ahaha

I have bought a soft car one, only because my sister bought a hard case and it got cracked while she was flying so I’ve just gone with a simple black one with a tsa lock :grinning:


I arrive london on 14th may :slight_smile: tour is 16th may start for 12days (essential europe)…

I have one hard case its an juno antler never had any issues with it and now i own a samsonite firelite i think its called rrp $850 ish paid $450ish. My juno is 81cm bit way over limit lol after speaking with TD admin they said 70cm , mine is a med it is 75cm but closer and I’ll pack a tote bag just in case! :slight_smile:

I do love my soft cases have a heap- usually get new luagge every yr or two lol… bit of an addiction lol because of work.

I dunno if you got your insurance yet, i used cover more in October and they were awesome to deal with and so decided to buy 12mths of worldwide insurance (cost me all of $400ish) cheap when I fligh domestically regularly so covers me for that too…

I got my vaccinations from chemist warehouse (cheapest place) and was able to claim from my private health cover a portion too. Altho nothing is really needed, i did tell my dr i was travelling and he said to me as a precaution so got a hep a / thyphoid- its a combi vax (as all my other australian vaccines are upto date so none of them needed).

I own a luggage scale too, this one from bag world


I haven’t booked my flights yet but I’ll probably get to London on the 27th and fly home on the 15th of November. All up that’ll be 6 nights in London. I’ve been before but I’m 100% going back for the Harry Potter studio tour in my London time too haha.

Where about are you staying in London?


OMG YAS! im going over there to do so many harry potter things! ahaha
i dont leave untill the 26th of november,
for the first night before the actual tour im staying at the best western burns hotel, which im about 90% sure that its where everyone meets!

and then i have a hotel booked for a week at the europa hotel, (im not really that keen on hostels, i think ill need some me time after 14 days with so many people haha)
and then im planning on going to brighton for 2 nights for the markets and lanes, and then im heading to Bath to go look around and see the place they filmed the potions classes for harry potter :smiley:

do you know where you are staying yet?


Oh amazing! I did the studio tour last time I was there in 2013 but so many more things have been added that I simply must do it again haha.

I was thinking of staying at the Comfort Inn which is like 15 minutes walk from Buckingham palace. seems like a pretty decent location for the tube and walking to things.

I really want to go to Brighton too but I wont have the time, gah! having said that I haven’t booked my flights so could probably stay on a little longer to do more, hmmm. haha

I know we see bath on the tour but OMG that potions class thing sounds amazing! so keen to get my dorky 9 3/4 photo taken at Kings Cross station too :slight_smile:


omg yeah i have to see it all! ive never been but ive seen so many things about it on the internet!

ohhh nice! the europa hotel im staying in is about a 5 minute walk to hyde park, i dont know how i found such a nice hotel in hyde park for such a good price haha its also close to paddington station,

you should! its so pretty there! im planning on going over the weekend so that i can see the sunday markets :smiley:
theres some nice little airbnbs there that are super cheap!
i havent booked any accom for bright or bath or the 5 other nights in london yet,
i dont know where or what i wanna stay in so im leaving it for awhile haha

yeah we do! but yeah i wanted a little extra time, and i also heard that the primark in bath is amazing, so its a little shopping trip aahah

omg yes! 100% going to get a 9 3/4 photo aswell! ahaha we can go together after the tour if youd like :smiley:


Sounds like a plan, we can take each others photos haha. We could maybe even do Harry Potter studio together, bounce our nerdiness off each other and again, take each others photos hahaha. See how it goes :slight_smile:

Dude Primark is THE BEST! Its my favourite shop ever. Its so stupid because its such a simple shop haha

I haven’t booked my accom yet so I’ll keep on searching. Sounds like its in a good spot so maybe I should check that one out too, don’t mind me just stealing your ideas haha.


ahah yes! we wont have to ask random people to do it for us ahha but im o down for that! :smiley:

ive watched so many primark haul videos on youtube (im youtube crazy! ahah) but mannn! im going to have to get an extra suit case to take home with me hahah

yeah do that! ahah no go ahead! look at it on or trip advisor its not like hell fancy, but its super close to everything, and i like the older European hotels, it will feel like im in europe not adelaide still haah

im also sooooo keen for every type of market they have aswell!


Hey Hey,

So I ended up booking into the Hyde Park Boutique Hotel after the tour which doesn’t look like its too far from where you are staying so if we want we can definitely explore some HP sites together :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh that’s so exciting! I’m so keen for that!
How long are you staying there for? :grinning:


I’ll be there 4 nights and then flying home to AUS on the 15th :slight_smile:


PS. FYI I looked up the HP studio tour and it is completely sold out from November 13 - 17.
Not sure what your travel dates are but thought I’d let you know as a fellow HP fan to maybe book it in as it really is a must do!

I’ll probably end up booking it the day before the tour starts or the day after the tour ends (Oct 28th or Nov 12th).


Hey ya im also going on this tour and want to do harry potter i was hopinh yo do it before we start the tour

Im doing a tour in october then have 3 free days before this tour starts


I also have nearly a week after this tour finishes where i am yet to book acommodation as im unsure where i wana go


Hey there!

I’m booked in to do the HP studio before the tour as it is fully booked out the week after the tour ends in November.