Winter Britain and Ireland November 2016


Hey! I was wondering if there was anyone on here that was going to do the Winter Britain and Ireland tour starting on either the 20th of November or the 27th of November 2016. I haven’t booked mine yet but I’m worried that if I book the 27th November that it will be cancelled as it isn’t a guaranteed departure but those are the dates that suit me best. Also slightly worried about how cold its going to be hahaha. It would be nice to meet some people that might be doing either of those dates


Hi @Kell01! Myself and a few of my friends are doing the tour beginning on the 20th of November. We will be on uni break and thought it would be a good time… even if it is freezing! Let me know what you decided on :slight_smile:


Hey there! My hubby and I are doing the Winter Britain and Ireland tour starting on the 20th of November. We’ve never been overseas before so this is a huge adventure for us :slight_smile:
I’m also quite worried about the cold but I live in Tasmania, which is off the coast of Australia which gets pretty chilly in Winter. Still not sure what to pack though! Hopefully meet you all over there!


Hi I’m also from Australian and doing the tour that starts on the 20th…although I won’t be joining until the afternoon of the 23rd when it gets to Edinburgh,