Winter Britain and Ireland December 28 2017- Jan 10th 2018


Hi. I was wondering if anyone had booked this trip yet? I’m a Solo traveller from Melbourne (Aus) and am doing my first tour. Hoping to link up with some people who are also on this tour!


Wow! great plan or doing best job but the time period your are given is very long.


Hi Kellie-Anne

My husband and I have not booked yet but will be booking this tour. We’re from Brisbane.

We have been on a Topdeck tour previously. There were lots of single people as well as couples. Everyone is very friendly whether single or in couple. You will have a great time!



I’m booking this tour for November!

I’ve done 2 Topdeck tours in Europe and one in New Zealand, you won’t regret it :blush:


Hi Kellie,

I have just booked this trip. I’m a solo traveller from country Victoria. Very excited :blush:
When do you plan on heading over?



I now have a friend coming with me too. We are leaving on Christmas day and arriving on boxing day. We have booked a couple of London tours the day before the tour begins.


Hi everyone,

I will also be booking this tour very soon. I’m a solo traveller from Melbourne as well! Just turned 23 and this will be my first Topdeck tour. Looking forward to meeting you all!



Hi everyone :slight_smile:
My husband (David) and I are booked on this trip! It will be our 3rd Topdeck tour! We are also coming with our friend Amelia who we met on our first Topdeck tour 2 years ago in Europe.

You can find me on Facebook under Alex Sarah Klease

Talk soon!



Word peeps!

Im dave (the better half to alex :wink: ) cant wait to meet yas and yarn over some fine scotch!

Cheers big ears!


Also everyone download the topdeck app on your phone. Far more convenient for details and chats :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Looks like this tour is already filling up :smile: I’ve started a chat on the app (at least I hope it worked!). It looks like an easier way to communicate :slight_smile:


Hey Kaitlyn, App is way easier! although i cant get this itinerary to download. will keep trying.


Hi all,

I’m Rachael and will be traveling on this tour. It will be my first tour with top deck and I’m so excited. I’m 22 (will be 23 for the tour) from Melbourne, Australia but born and raised in England for the first 6 years of my life. So excited to go back to visit my home land, my best friend is also joining me. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hi All,

I am also going on this trip. Solo traveller from Adelaide :slight_smile:

Look forward to meeting everyone!



Howdy Everyone
I am going on the same trip. I am from Coober Pedy. I am travelling solo as well. Looking forward to meeting everyone too.



Hi all, I am thinking of booking this tour! Looks amazing but haven’t done a topdeck before, but I have done a contiki, I would be travelling solo from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Hey all, I’m Cassie and I’ll be doing this trip with a friend. I did America with Topdeck last year over new years, was insane!!! Also from Melbourne.


Hi Everyone,

A Facebook page has been made to join if you’d like :slight_smile: It’s called “TOPDECK Winter Britain and Ireland: 28th Dec 2017 - 10th Jan 2018”

See you soon!


Hi everyone!
My best friend and I just booked this tour starting on the 28/12/18. We are both 21, and from Victoria Australia.
We are also adding on the Iceland tour with Topdeck after this trip finishes :smiley: