Winter Britain and Ireland 28/10/2018-10/11/2018


Hi Guys, my name is Emmie and I’m going on the Winter Britain and Ireland Tour departing on the 28th of Oct. I’m from Melbourne, Aus and would love to know who else is going :slight_smile:


Happy journey emmelinecampbell92! Ireland is also my favorite place.


Hey Emmie, I’m also going on this tour departing 28th October. My name is Rikki and I’m solo travelling from Sydney, Aus! I’ll definitely see you there! :slight_smile:


Hi Rikki, So exciting! Is this your first time going? I am also travelling solo :slight_smile:


Thank you!


I know, very very excited! I have been to London before once :slight_smile:️, you? I’m so glad there will be another solo Aussie to hang with!


Yeah I’ve been to London before, throughout european and a few more places! Are you staying in London before the tour?


Oh nice one! Yep I’m arriving in London two weeks before the tour starts, you?


Yeah I’m staying there for about 4 days before the tour starts =D


Hey, my name is Tanya and I’m from Adelaide. I’ve just booked this tour and will also be traveling solo. I’ll be spending about 7 days in London before the trip. First time in Europe and first time doing a tour like this :grin:


Hi Tanya, that’s awesome! I’ve travelled to Europe before and was pretty nervous, and still pretty nervous travelling by myself for this trip but would be good to get to know some people before the tour starts =D


I’ve never been to Europe before so I’m really excited. This would be my second time traveling alone though but first time with a tour. Don’t be nervous you’ll be fine. I’m sure getting to know some people before the tour will help :slight_smile:


Indeed! Feel free to add me on fb, emmie de la Fontaine :slight_smile: