Winter Britain and Ireland 27 Dec 2016


Anyone booked on this yet??


Hey, Yes i’ve booked on this tour.


Cool, where are you from?


Sydney, how about you?


I live in Auckland but from London


Hi ! I booked this tour today and am from Sydney too. Does anyone know if tickets to any Hogmanay events are included in the package?


No doesn’t mention it in the itinerary or the optional extras.
Where in Sydney are you ?


Discussion for this trip last year says last year is the first time the tickets are included


Yeah - I read the itinerary and saw no mention of it and then saw the discussion from last year, which is what confused me. I emailed someone today to double check :slight_smile: New Years is going to be awesome! Im in Rhodes, where are you based?


Will be good to find out if they are included, let us know what you find out, being in a different country for new years should be good! I’m at Blacktown, When are you getting into London?


Topdeck have confirmed this is included!!! I am toooo excited. I’m in NZ. Will be in London few days before and after


Thats great news Ceyda! Did they tell you what is included exactly? I know there’s different things which happen on the 31st but theres also a torchlight procession (looks like fun!) which happens on the 30th. Tickets for most events go on sale tomorrow

Gemz I’ll be arriving on the 26th, what about you?

Has anyone booked accomodation yet?


actually … I just re checked that … only tickets for the street party go on sale tomorrow. Clearly I am just tooooooooo excited as well :smiley:


Here is the email I got

Yes, the Britain & Ireland 27th December departure will include the tickets for Hogmanay whilst you’re in Edinburgh. We don’t have too much detail as to how it will work in terms of what time you’ll arrive there, what time you’ll be picked up etc. but this is something your Trip Leader will cover once you’re on the trip, as it can vary from year to year.

Too exciting!!


I arrive on the 26th as well, flying with Qatar, how about you? If anyone wants we could catch up on the 26th.

I’ve booked accommodation for both the 26th and when the tour arrives back to London.

It’s good the tickets are included, shame they don’t have much detail on what is actually included.

Are you both traveling solo? Or with anyone else?


I’m traveling solo.
I’ll be staying east London the night before so be stupid early start for me to get to the joining hotel for the morning we leave!
I think just knowing we are all going on new years eve is enough for me for now. More exciting when we do find out!


I’m flying with Cathay and arrive in the early morning, so I’ll be around if you want to catch up :slight_smile: Travelling solo

I received a similar response today from Topdeck, with no specifics about what’s included. Im not too fussed, as at least somethings organised! Hooray! … although I really hope I get one of those sticks of fire, haha that type of thing would never happen in Sydney!


Hey Guys, I have just booked and will be in London a few days before and after, travelling solo and would love to meet anyone who is available :slight_smile: Im from Melbourne xx


Hi Lucy! Can’t wait for this trip. Do you know where you will be staying yet?


Before the trip in at the St Giles London, then at the end of the trip I’m at the Arbor Hyde Park for a few days :slight_smile: have you sorted your accomodation Ceyda?