Winter Britain and Ireland 22/12 - 4/1


Hi there! I’m looking for anyone doing the winter Britain and Ireland from the 22nd of December!


Hey! I’m doing this tour :slight_smile: where are you from?


Hey! I’m from Brisbane and I’m 24! What about you?


Perth and 30. Looking forward to this trip gonna freeze our asses off tho haha. Where are u staying before and after the tour? I’m just trying to sort that out now


I know! I’m stocking up on thermals! I’m going to London a few days before the trip to hang around and sightsee. I’m staying at a best western in earls court


Sweet, that’s where the trip starts so I’m going to book in there as well. I’ll be there a few days before as well we should catch up the day before! I’m probably just going shopping haha have been to London a few times before


Me too! sounds good :slight_smile: I’ve never been but I’m so excited