Winter britain and ireland 2019/2020


Hi! 19 year old female travelling solo haha I’m thinking about booking the 14 day Britain and Ireland on December 2019 or January 2020. Anyone planning that too? :slight_smile:


I’m doing this tour in November :blush:


Hi I am looking to do this tour - most likely the tour that leaves on the 28th December 2019. I am an Aussie female traveling solo too - however I am 30 - young at heart though lol.


Yea. My name is Erik and i will be in London in January 2020. Please write me to PM :smiley: I’am 25 years old :smile:


There are many beautiful places in Britain and Ireland.


You can also plan for African Countries. Africa is the best for wild life.


Hi! I have this tour booked for the 22nd Dec 2019!
Travelling solo, 27yo from Adelaide.


Oh great! I don’t know exactly the date I’ll be doing it because I still need to check some things but I’m probably going between 25th December and 10th January :slight_smile:


Hey Erik! R u doing this trip too? Or a different one? Nice to meet you!