Will I need a "little black dress"?


As the title says - start my tour very very shortly and was wondering if i would need to bring a black dress or something else nice/formal to wear in case we go out one evening? has anyone been on any Europe trips that can offer advice?[br][br]ta!


There will be times like on optionals you will want to dress up for example…Caberet show, Famenco show, cruises, going out for dinner, Monaco casino (or if you don’t want to go in you will probably want to dress up anyway) etc. It’s a personal choice so yes something nice to wear of an evening will come in handy.


I would definitely take something nice to wear out.[br][br]If you’re struggling with packing space maybe take something versatile that can be either dressed up at night with heels etc or down for daytime with sandals and a cardi.[br][br]I don’t think you’d need anything “formal” at all.[br][br]Hope that helps! :slight_smile: