Wifi on buses? Europe Express April 24-May4


Hey guys,

can anyone tell me if what the go is with wifi on buses and if anyone has recently been on Europe Express, what their experience has been (any tidbits or valuable advice would be)? Cheers


Hey there,

Just got back from a European tour with Topdeck- no, there was no wifi on the bus. I wasn’t impressed by this, given that they said there would be and it was one of the reasons I chose Topdeck (so to keep in touch with family etc). Wifi at accommodation ranged from having to pay per hour up to working at sporadic intervals (like early mornings)! I didn’t go on the Europe Express but imagine it’s mostly the same.


Yeah would not hold your breath with wifi
We had a brand new bus and wasn’t peak season and we didn’t have it.


Hey there,

In Europe I don’t know. But in other countries like UAE in the middle East, Mexico in the North America, India in the Asia, I experience the bus free wifi, the network speed is good, it seems the manufacturer name called Xiamen Four-faith Co. from a Chinese company.