WIFI good or bad in Europe hotels?


Hi guys,

Can anyone who has done Europe hotel trips give feedback on what the wifi was like in the hotel rooms? I’ve heard it was pretty bad and unable to get on most nights?

And can anyone recommend any good data/phone plan deals for travelling through Europe?

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Hi Rachel,
I travelled last year on the Europe Uncovered tour. Most places I found the wifi pretty alright and rarely had problems except for in Nice (which was a pain cause we paid for it) and there was another city we stayed at that it was a bit slow and cut out occasionally but overall wasnt too bad.
I had gotten a pre paid sim card while I was in London from 3 mobile, I was able to use free roaming in most countries I went to(except for 1 or 2 which was 2-3 days in total of my whole trip, and I believe they have since expanded where they allow free roaming around Europe. I would say look into them as I believe they are probably still the best on offer in regards to a sim card, definitely cheaper than using your home plan or a travel sim card.
If you have any more questions, let me know

Caity :slight_smile:


Caity is spot on.

I’ve just returned from a European trip and found the wifi in most hotel to be great - fast and unlimited!

There is also wifi on most of the TopDeck coaches these days, but be warned the allocation is quite small and many people run out very quickly in 3-4 days!

You can get a good deal on a data SIM even before you leave home - I got one for about $50 AUD that gave me 12 gb to use over a month and worked in every euro country I visited as well as the UK. You can get them posted here in Aus for about the same price as you pay after you land in the UK/Europe.


Europe is a quite developed continent:slight_smile:
You shouldn’t have problems with wifi! It might happen that in some budget hostels internet connection won’t be as good as you wish, but it’s not a rule


I’ve been on 3 Topdeck tours and I’ve never had a problem with Wifi. Nice was an exception as we had no wifi there when I went. You just have to be creative. Get on wifi at restaurants, coffee shops, malls, tourist attractions, etc. I’ve spent lots of time in hotel lobbies/hallways getting wifi because it wasn’t too great in the actual rooms. But it’s just extra social time with everyone else so it’s not the worst. :wink:


Hi, what was the company that provided the data/roaming services called? Which ones would you recommend? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey all, just an update to this post. I just finished my Europe uncovered tour and I ended up buying a 3 SIM card in London before I left and it was the best thing I ever did. The wifi in hotels is slow and u have to wait a while to get on it especially when you first arrive as EVERYONE is trying to get on to check emails, FB etc. It was also really helpful to have google maps on hand whenever you needed it and just having internet at your finger tips to google things as u need was awesome. It just basically took a lot of the hassle out of worrying about wifi. I paid 20 euro and it worked in every country I visited. You get 12gb of data and I only used about 3gb (and i was constantly using google maps, checking email, Facebook, instagram etc).


I agree with picking up a 3 sim in London! I have been living in London for the past 2 years and have a 3 sim and its the best thing to have when traveling around europe. Every trip I have been on I have used it and never had an issue. On the plan I am on I get unlimited data in nearly every european country. It cost around $40 a month for a prepaid sim and its the best thing to do to stay connected all the time and not have to worry about bad wifi connections or not having wifi at all! If you don’t want to spend that much they have cheaper deals for a capped data allowance.


Hey guys, just wondering if any of you who got the 3 sim have an iPhone? Did you have one of those metal pin things that come with the phone to open the SIM card slot on the side of your phone?


I just used the back of my earring :joy::+1:


Hey @taz10,
I don’t remember it doing so I’m pretty sure I brought one, but if you went into the 3 store instead of getting the sim somewhere else, they would have one for you to change it over. They do that in stores here in Aus so I don’t see why they wouldn’t in the UK.


Most places I found the WiFi pretty alright and rarely had problems except for in Nice and there was another city we stayed at that it was a bit slow and cut out occasionally but overall wasn’t too bad.


I did Europe uncovered in April and found that the wifi in most hotels was pretty reasonable. In Nice we had to pay for the wifi but what our group did was one person paid for it and we all used it. We also discovered offline maps so when we got to a city or country we used the wifi to download the map for that country and then we could use the map when out and away from wifi, the wifi on the Topdeck buses is very limited per person and legit lasted most of us 2 - 3 days. I also suggest for the long drive days is getting Netflix on your phone and when you have wifi in the hotels is downloading movies or tv shows to watch on the bus because they are super long drives and they get boring very quick. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: