Why people don't come to this forum?


Hey guys[br]I notice a lot of posts of people looking for their tour mates before the tour starts. Once you go on your tour and meet your mates have anyone ever asked their tour mates why they didnt come to the forum beforehand. I was just curious to know the answers people receive.[br]Personally I would love to chat with at least a person or 2 before the tour starts. I guess not everyone thinks the same way.[br][br]Livia


Tours usually attract somewhat more reserved people, who may not be the types to post on forums.[br][br]Last year, about half of us on the same tour were regularly posting on this forum…but that was because the documents we used to apply for a Russian Visa had revealed our names, age and nationalities to each other. There was nothing for us to hide, so we just were posting away…


Alot of people don’t know that Forums exist. Forums may not be everyone’s thing either. Alot of people on our trip were already traveling beforehand so perhaps that’s why no-one else from the trip was found here as they had better things to see and do.