Who's thinking about the MEGA European?!?!


Hey all future topdeckers! I’m 26 but younger at heart I like to think haha
Really set and keen on the Mega European for some time in 2018.
Just wanted to get in touch with some other legends who are thinking the same thing, hopefully chat and get on the same tour??

Look forward to your replies!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey James,

I’m doing part of the Mega European tour next year that starts on the 1st May. I’m doing the first 33 days of the tour which is the Oceanic Empire tour!



hey jessica… awesome so is that basically a shorter version of the mega european? whereabouts do you live? i’m so close to booking one…


Yea pretty much! I just finish earlier than the rest of the tour. You should book a trip! Ive done tour other topdeck trips and it’s awesome. I live in Australia.


Yeah sweet I’m in country victoria but moving to Adelaide at the end of the year. Not sure if I want to move and get set up there then go or just go straight away at the begining of next year?? Are you in Adelaide perhaps? haha


Haha yea that is a tough decision on when to go. I went in Europe Winter last year and it was lovely. But looking forward to going in Spring next year when it’s warmer. Nah I live in NSW.


Did you go by yourself or with mates? Seriously thinking about going solo…


Hey James!
I’m booked into Mega European for the 5th of June next year with a friend, you should do it!


Hey I’m doing the mega euro trip solo on the 17th July.
I’m 24 from melbourne.


hey amanda. that sounds like a great time of year! european summer! love to add ya on facebook if you have it?


hey nicki… great time of year right in the european summer! would love to add you on facebook if you have it?


Nicki Adam for fb


Sure, Amanda Shadur


Book it James!!! I’m doing a 2 week UK first then departing on the Mega on the 12th of June - going solo. If you sit around waiting for friends to be ready then you will never go


Hi James,

I have just finished the Mega European trip and it was amazing.
The majority of people travel solo so dont worry about that. You make friends for life on this trip.

Book it :slight_smile:


I am definitely considering doing the mega tour. I graduate in 2018 so it would be great to see has much of europe as possible. Just scared to be traveling solo and for so long. I’m thinking of doing one in June. Any one else doing the 5th of June?


Hi James,

I am booking for the Mega European on the 12th June this weekend, I was waiting for a mate but he decided to pull out last minute.

So I am now going solo ,you should go for it too!


I’m so torn between doing the mega euro and the euro pioneer, I cant decide!! I’m also doing 10 days London after so I have to factor that in as well. have fun on your trip!


I’ve booked into the Mega European tour starting April 3rd! I’m doing it solo too; it’ll be my first trip overseas so I’m sorta nervous, but I figured the best way to get past that would be to jump in the deep end haha


Hey James!

I am looking into doing the Mega European, just waiting for the October 2018 dates to come out :slight_smile: