Whitsunday Sailing?


Just wondering if anyone has done any of the tours that include Sailing in the Whitsundays?
I am curious about the accomodation and facilities well on the boat?


Yep, I did the Reef Suntanner, which include 2 nights on the boat in Whitsundays. The crew is great and the food is surprisingly good, considering it’s all prepared on the boat. The only thing is the accomodations aren’t spectacular. You sleep on a tiny bed, the bathrooms are pretty tiny and could easily get clogged if you’re not careful and you’re limited to 1 30 second “shower” (quick rinse with a shower nozzle) a day. You’re advised to take a separate “island” bag, I just brought some baby wipes, toothbrush/toothpaste, and some deodorant as far as toiletries are concerned. I also was on the boat during the summer, so it got pretty hot down in the bottom of the boat as well.


I did the Beach & Bush tour which also included the Whitsunday Sailing.

Prettymuch what AmyM said above is true. You need to pack down to an overnight bag & your main luggage will be left locked under the bus in Airlie Beach. Remeber whatever you take must be stored at the end of your bed - there is no other storage! There is elastic hooked to the bed seperator to keep your things in place in case of rough seas - came in very handy on my trip!

I didnt even bother with the shower - you are swimming enough anyway & there was also an opportunity to be hosed down on the boat to wash any salt water off anyway. The shower was basically the basin tap that you pull out (like alot of kitchen taps), & your shower cubicle was the whole bathroom - which meant that it the floor was very wet, as was the toilet seat if you went in there after someone had decided to have a shower!

Beds were lined up against the sides of the boat - there were 8 in our wing at one end of the boat, I think there were the same in the boys wing too, & also a few down the centre. We were provided with a pillow & 2 sheets (1 for top & 1 for bottom) but it got pretty hot with so many people in such a tiny space - & it was the middle of summer too.

But I do have to warn people to make sure your cell phone does not fall down the side of the bed!!! Make sure you put it in your bad before you go to sleep!

We had an incident where for some reason one of the girls decided to set her alarm for 6am the next morning (no idea why because we didnt have to be up at any specific time or anything). So the whole boat was woken up with “Its time to get up. The time is 6 o’clock vibratevibrate*”. Only problem was she couldnt find the phone to turn the alarm off. After the alarm had snoozed a couple of times we discovered it was down the side of a rather large box that was apparantly where the waste products were stored & couldnt be retrieved until we were all off the boad & the crew could pull everything out. They were not impressed…

But that all added to the fun of the trip.

Anyway the crew were awesome & the food was amazing! Loved it!


I’ve booked on to the Grand Aussie which also includes Whitsunday sailing… this is going to be the most girliest of girly questions ever, and possibly a bit stupid, but does the boat have plug sockets for hairdryers/straighteners/phone chargers etc? :slight_smile:


I think there is limited power available on the boat although they would prefer if it wasnt used. I would suggest charging your phone/camera batteries etc at the accommodation the night before. Dont take the straightners/hair dryers - There is no point, its totally casual on board - you probably wont even get to have a shower!

The first night back on land is the one where everyone dresses up - save the styling for then.

(and if Tane is part of your Whitsundays crew, get him to sing & play the guitar for you - he’s really good)


Ok thanks for this :slight_smile: Guess I will have to stock up on dry shampoo and hair bands for a couple of days ;D


Haha I also took the dry shampoo & it came back with me unused lol.