Which place is safe for traveling in India?


I have a plan to travel India with my family. can someone suggest me some safe place to travel in India.


kerala,one of the most beautiful place in India.Many tourists places are there in kerala and are vary safe place too.you can also found many homestays there with homely food for more visit http://sherlyscasagrande.com/


In my opinion Himachal Pradesh is the best for travelling because Himachal Pradesh offers an extensive variety of games exercises for experience darlings. The various scene and troublesome landscape is a joy for adrenalin addicts anxious to participate in land and water sports. The snow secured crests are ideal for famous enterprise brandishes in Himachal Pradesh, for example, Trekking, Angling and Paragliding. Bear in mind to convey snow boots to appreciate skiing and trekking! While the stunning scene makes for a sentimental setting, it likewise introduces some exciting open doors for heli-skiing, biking, calculating or water boating on the River Beas. No big surprise, the experience sports industry of Himachal Pradesh is flourishing. It has likewise impacted tourism straight up to Leh as it were.


I would like to suggest you to plan a roadtrip from delhi to UK, Himachal as these places are known as Dev Bhoomi in India. wheelzonrent


Chennai is definitely one of the best and safest places to visit in India. There are many amazing tourist spots like the beaches, shopping centers, theatre, museums, library, theme park, holy shrines and much more. If you are looking for good accommodations in Chennai, there are many decent hotels in Chennai where you can stay at modest rates.


I think every place safe in India, You can visit Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Amritsar, Kerala and etc places.




If you are planning your trip to India You can visit Kerala, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Manali,Varanasi, Mumbai, Amritsar etc
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Himachal Pradesh is the safe for travelling in India, it is the best Place to visit in India, You can visit here with your friends and families, where you will have lots of fun, you will get here Panaromic views from the top of the mountain.


Well there is no danger in travelling to India. Its a safe place and the authorities and the local police is always be there just at a call. the only problem in crowded spaces is the theft but no life threat.


Yes, India is very safe for travelling. you can travel into any corner of India, you will feel safe. I usually worked with the traveller from the USA. and they all said the same. if you are coming from USA and looking for cheap last minute flights. please visit flyopedia. they are providing best deals for flights


I think most places is safe for traveling in India as delhi, jaipur, kerala, Vrindavan, Agra, shimla & more.


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we suggest to visit north india by road, so that you can explore moutains and these places are safest in india as they known as dev bhoomi i.e Uttrakhand , Himachal pradesh , leh

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