Which European tour to do? :)


Hi everyone! I’m moving to England at the end of April 2012 so have just decided to do a tour before i settle in!

Ive looked at all the different European tours but can’t decide which one, they all seem great!
I’ll need to do one starting during may…possibly June but would rather May

If there is anyone around my age (18) who is doing one or done one I’d really like to hear advice or tips etc…

I’ll be travelling alone so would like to go on a tour with great people around my age



Hey. I’m arriving in London end of April. Then doing the grand European starting on the 29th may I think it is! Ill be 21 and also travelling alone!


Oh wow! well if i end up doing that tour it would be great for us to be buds :smiley: depends how much i can save :confused:
When abouts are you travelling to london?


Yeah I’ll be going to London. Where will you be going in April? We should meet up, would be good to know Someone to travel around with. Let me know what tour you decide on



Ive decided on the Grand European, so will be saving ALOT.
Im going 23rd April, then will be doing the tour either 1st or 8th May. yea it woudl be really good to know someone :slight_smile:


Hi, I am doing European Pioneer 24th May departure :). I am also travelling alone.


london can either make you or break you. broke my sister who was going for a year and she was home 10 months in. but what ever tour u decide enjoy it