Which european tour to choose?!?


hey guys!

im heading over to italy next week to work for 5 months then I am wanting to do a europen topdeck tour but i have one problem. i have NO idea which one to choose?!!?

so i would love it if you could tell me which one you might be going on or if you have booked one which one :))


Mikayla from Australia :slight_smile:


with topdeck there are soo many tour options to choose from the easiest way to help you to decide what tour to do is to break it down.

you have euro-camping, euro-club and euro hotel to choose from, so once you decided where you want to camp, stay in a hostel or hotel you can start to narrow down your choices.

then whether you want to check out a specific area of europe or what to experiece a bit of everything then that will make you choice alot easier.

With myself ill be doing a the Discover Europe trip which is a Euro-hotel trip, as last time i stay in a combination of camp sites and hostels i wanted to experience europe in a bit more comfort.


go on the european express 11 day tour! starting May 3rd im from australia and im going on it and would be nice to have another australian on board :slight_smile: