Which European Summer tour?


Hey, I’m tossing up between two possibly three of the Europe summer trips (depending on funds):

  • Spirit of Europe
  • Grand European
  • European Pioneer

Does anyone have any advice on which trip is best, with value for money, best experiences etc?
Also, if anyone has been on any of these trips before how much money did you spend in total?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Alex, I’ve done the Grand European. And will be doing the Eastern Escape in August of this year. If you can afford the tour and money, go for the biggest and longest if you want to maximise your time oseas. I am looking at other tours to do in the future. You basically get to see a snippet of each place. A taste of the country. If you want a more in-depth tour of each place, solo travel is better.

Topdeck tours are pretty good value for money (from my experience). Meals and accommodation is pretty basic. You do have the option of getting your own food at an extra cost. As all food places are pre-booked.

If you have any other questions, holla.


Hey Alex, the longer the tour the better. It’s also depends on what countries do u wanna visit and what activities are u into. Im going on spirit of europe tour in 6th of june for 24 days visiting 12 countries. The three tours that are in your options are all fantastic.


Thanks for your help guys! I think i’m going to go with Spirit of Europe :smile:


Awesome choice AleX :+1:t3::grinning: