Which Currencies?


Hi Everyone,

I am planning on going on the Grand European 28 day tour, however for my tour, I noticed there are 5 different currencies involved:

UK - Pound
Switzerland - Franc
Czech Republic - Koruny
Croatia - Kuna
All other countries - Euro

I read somewhere on the website that you should initially bring 100 Euro and 30 Swiss Francs with you.

Should I bring a long a bit of each currency? Or should I just use a credit card to withdraw money in the countries that use less common currencies?



Hi Lee

I am also booked in on the Grand European. When are you departing? mine is on the 8th May.

What I’m doing about money is I’m getting a multiple-currency Cash Passport. It’s basically a prepaid mastercard. You load on your money to the card prior to your trip. Then all transactions (ATM and EFTPOS) are free. It’s a much cheaper option than using an australian credit card because your bank will most likely charge you through the roof for transaction fees. all you pay for the cash passport is 1% of the total amount of money you put onto the card. go here for more info www.cashpassport.com/multi



Thanks for the information.

I’m using a 28 degrees mastercard which also has similar features.

I haven’t booked my trip yet, but will be doing so soon.



The Cash Passport multi can only be loaded with AU$, EU€, GB£, NZ$, US$, SG$, HK$… So will only be useful for the Pounds and Euro.

I am on a winter spirit tour in 2 weeks… I have a Euro cash passport card and a pound one. I was advised to take some euro in cash to exchange in the countries that don’t use Euro.


Ok. So the European countries that don’t use Euro will happily exchange for Euro when you get there.


That’s what I was told :slight_smile: