Which Car Will Be Best To Hire?


We are 6 members in the family and thinking to spend holiday with road trip around USA. What type of car will be more comfortable for us to rent ?. There are two women three men and 1 child in the family and as it is road trip so we will drive a lot. Please help me on this.


There are lots of car rental out there that would cater your needs.


SUV will be better…


In case someone still needs the advice regarding this question, most of car rental companies offer cars of different size categories. You can check it at the specialized car rental services.
There are categories called “6 Seaters”(Chevrolet Captiva) and “7 Seaters” (Toyota Innova). You can heck the example of custom car rental search here: 6 seater rental search


We used the above car rental when travelling in the USA last year. We were 4 members and plan on using Sport Vehicle but in the end the good options was Chevrolet Captiva, as somebody has already said that. Hope, its not too late, just for anybody elses benefit!


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Whenever we are on a trip and need any rental service then we only consider Toyota innova. Because of trust we have on it as we are driving it from the past 10 years.