Where to stay in LA


I want to book accommodation in LA, does anyone know what hostel tours start and finish at in LA? or any recommendations for hostels?


The Road Trip tour generally starts at mikayko hotel.


I am staying at USA Hostels Hollywood for 6 nights and then staying at the Mikayko hotel the night before my trip starts :slight_smile: im doing the roadtrip USA from LA to NY :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking at USA hostel, seems like the best one! I was just worried because its so far from where the tours leaves but Mikayko hotel is already booked out for the dates I need so I might just get a taxi early in the morning :confounded:


I’m staying at the hotel the night before as well! Not long to go now :smiley:


Just don’t get drunk the night before the tour starts! We stayed out way too late after our meet up the night before. Ended up in a taxi in the morning with far too little sleep and were in Agony the whole way to Vegas haha