Where to stay in LA. Close to Hollywood


Looking for cheap hotels/inn’s in LA. Preferably in Hollywood :grinning: thankssss


USA hostel is reasonable


You have to be careful in Hollywood because some areas are really not that great. I usually stay in Beverly Hills. I have stayed at the Residence Inn, Crown Plaza, and the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel and all are great places. You can walk to Rodeo Drive from the Crown Plaza or Residence Inn. The Plaza you would need a car since it’s a few miles from Hollywood.

I would not recommend staying at the Best Western Hollywood - every time I am in LA there is violence around that hotel.


Hey! If you’re on a budget (like I was), I really recommend the Banana Bungalow hostel in Hollywood (not the one in west Hollywood!). It’s really decently priced and a two minute walk from the Walk of Fame, public transport and pretty much anything else you might need. Also a 10/15 min walk from Griffith Park which has the main tracks that lead to awesome lookout points for the Hollywood sign. The room I stayed in was great and they have free breakfasts and free (or very cheap) dinners, alcohol, tours and other events. Great atmosphere, too!
Any place in that main Hollywood touristy area is quite safe because it’s full of people until late at night :slight_smile:


Thank you :grinning: do you think it will be ‘honeymoon friendly’?. Would like our own room and own shower