Where to go after tour?


Hi Everyone,

I’m doing the Europe Uncovered tour on June 2nd (22 day trip), and then have a spare 8-9 days in Europe after the tour finishes. Not quite sure where to go in this time, and wondered if anyone has any suggestions please. I think after my Topdeck tour, I will proably want a slower pace and just go to a couple of places rather than race around trying to go to lots of different countries before I leave. I have possible accommodation in Scotland and Vienna, so am tossing up between going to Ireland/Scotland/more of UK, or going to Austria and around Czech Republic, Hungary etc. I don’t have any particular activities in mind or things I really want to see, so any thoughts on the above places, (or other places I should visit instead) would be appreciated. I am travelling alone, so want somewhere relatively safe.



Hey Mel,
I come from the UK, and can say there are loads of beautiful places to visit! I’ve only visited Ireland once, but I can safely say that I will be returning for sure, as it is a brilliant place! I know topdeck do some tours of the UK and a celtic trail, but I’m not sure how long they go on for… Also, after spending so much time travelling this may seem like even more travelling, plus the weather won’t be quite as warm! There are some really cute villages and towns you could visit in the UK like the Cotswolds… Cornwall is great too, and there are some beautiful beaches-very popular for surfers and holiday makers. Up north you’ve got the spectacular lake district which I hope to visit one day. Cumbria is pretty close to Scotland if you’ve got accommodation there.
There are some great cities, and you’d never get bored in London! I haven’t really travelled much around Britain though, so… sorry I’m not that much help!
If you’ve got accommodation in Vienna though… I know exactly where I’d be heading!! B-)
All the best with your travels :slight_smile:


Thanks Abbey,

Haven’t really looked into regional England, good suggestions :slight_smile:

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Hi Mel,

I’ve traveled a little around both areas you mentioned. If you stay in the UK, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath, Leeds Castle, Dover and Edinburgh are all neat places (along with Abbey’s list of places). The other benefit of England is that you speak and read the language so it’s easy to get by.

Vienna is truly impressive. The architecture is amazing and there are awesome statues everywhere. Other places in that area that are worth seeing are Budapest, Krakow, Hallstatt, Lake Bled. If you go to Budapest make sure to visit The House of Terror, it’s a communism museum and probably the most interesting museum I’ve been to. I wouldn’t go to Bratislava.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Hi Mel,

I just posted a similar message before reading yours, ohh well not to worry. I will be heading to Scotland and hopefully Ireland after my tour. I have about 3 weeks before i leave the UK for Oktoberfest then home. I also have family in Scotland and a friend of a friend in Ireland and like you probably need to take it a little easier after the tour before runing a muck again in Germany.

Good luck Mat


Hi Mel,

Last time i went to Europe and the UK i spent about a week in Scotland and a week in Dublin. I was also travelling by myself. I had the best time in Edinburgh. I stayed in Smart City hostels which was a little bit more expensive then some of the other places but after staying in some really shitty hostels it was worth the extra money. Especially seeming this was the last place before i went home after 3months of travelling. When I was in Scotland I also did a Haggis tour to the highlands. It was a 3day tour but again i did it because it was winter and i didn’t really have time to do it by myself however would be easy to do without a tour group. They also do day trips to Inverness. In Edinburgh (like in a little cities) they had free walking tours daily also pub crawls at night. I found this a great way to meet people as I was travelling by myself and not only other travellers. The staff that work on these tours are fantastic!

Dublin was nice but personally I enjoyed Edinburgh more. This was probably more to do with the hostel i stayed in Dublin was really quiet also they had freezing cold showers and it was the middle of winter! I think they were called Globaltrotters so if you go to Dublin don’t stay there.

I can’t really comment on Eastern Europe as that is where I am planning to go in June/July on the Eastern Spirit tour.

Hope this helps a little bit. feel free to ask me anymore questions. Have you been travelling by yourself before? this is my second time but it is always a little bit more daunting then travelling with friends or family!


I’m actually getting off on the last in Brugge rather than going back to London. (I’m doing Grand European) I’m going to do a day tour of the war memorials and then catch the train from Brugge to Paris. Then after that no idea but I guess its a start!


Hi Mel,

If you don’t go to Prague on your tour then definatly consider Prague.

I spend 4 nights there in 2008 and was one of my favourite places. I get to go back there on my tour with Topdeck in June.

Hope that helps.


Thank you all for your replies!!!

I have decided to go to Ireland first, have one day in Dublin then a three day “Paddy Wagon” tour of the south of Ireland, then onto Glasgow for a couple of nights and Edinburgh for a couple of nights. This includes a one day tour Haggis tour to Loch Ness. Kirri, where do you go for the walking/pub tours in Edinburgh?

I think I may have to come back to Europe another time to see all the other awesome places you have all suggested :slight_smile: Enjoy your travels!



Sounds like you are going to have a great trip. I know what you mean there is way too much to see over there! The walking tours are advertised at all the hostels but it meets in front of the starbucks in the old town (you can’t miss it when you are there so you will know what i mean) and the pubcrawl starts outside the pub that is right near the starbucks. they are called New Edinburgh tours i think and they have a facebook group. I also did a one day tour with Paddy Wagon crew up to northern Ireland when i was staying in Dublin. Dublin also has the free walking tour aswell but again any hostel will have the brochure on it!