Where are you from?


Just curious where the vast percentage of people going on these tours are from…?[br][br]It’s a .co.uk website but I’d have thought there wouldn’t be too many travellers from Europe going on the European tours.[br][br]So let us know where you’re from and where you’re going :slight_smile:


I’m from Australia and (as my signature suggests!) we are doing the European Emperor and the Bravo Italia sequentially. We are starting in the UK and Ireland then heading to Paris to join the tours, then all around Western, Central and Eastern Europe on our own. We were going to do the Great Eastern as well but decided to do Eastern Europe ourselves instead. The tour wasn’t going exactly where we wanted to go and now we get to see everything we wanted to.[br]Looking forward to the tours though!!! ;D Should be AWESOME!!! [br][br]VERY excited!![br][br]Europe 10/08/2009 - 28/10/2009[br]European Emperor 20/08/2009[br]Bravo Italia 30/08/2009[br]


Seems most people are from Australia and NZ.[br][br]I live in New Zealand but am English, originally from London. Am travelling for 3 months. First spending 2 weeks in LA with relatives from mid May then onto London and going on the Europe Uncovered tour in June. Then doing my own thing in the UK during July before going on the British Isle tour in the last week of July. Then heading back to NZ via 3 days in Hong Kong in early August.


I suppose I should put my own in here too![br][br]Home is New Zealand. Technically I am from England originally as well (though left there for New Zealand in '91). [br][br]Have been at the University of Limerick in Ireland for the last 7 weeks, with 2 weeks remaining, trying to work on my thesis. Will then head to London for a few nights before joining the Prague-> London Central European tour. I then fly back to home to, fingers crossed, finish my Uni work.


on my tour the majority of people were Aussie, then Kiwi, then Korean, then American we also had people from Singapore, Canada and the UK :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I’m from NZ also. I’m heading to London 18 June for a few days before going on the European Wonder tour starting 25 June. After that I’m going to Barcelona and Valencia with a mate. Then back to London and traveling up through Britain to Scotland where I’ll catch up with family before returning home 31 July. I’m largely traveling solo so it would be great to hear from anyone who might be visting the same place at the same time. Very exciting!


I’m another Aussie chick ;D[br]Flying out to London on the 22nd July. I’ll be meeting up with my brother who lives over there and hanging out for a bit before going on the Grand European 28th July. [br]After this more London time followed by the new Britain & Ireland Top Deck tour leaving 5th September. [br]THEN after this tour i’ll be heading over to the Greek Islands and getting over all that bus time ;D[br]Total travel is for 3 months and i can’t wait![br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Im a Christchurch (Kiwi) local and doing the Spirit of Europe Tour on the 28th of July, then going to Edinburgh in August.[br][br]Sam


I’m from New York City and I’m doing the Bravo Italia tour at the end of August.


Im an Aussie too![br][br]Flying to London on the 16th May, spending 2 weeks with my best friend who lives there. Then meeting up with 2 friends from back home in Canberra to do the 2nd June Grand European tour. After that back to London for a week, then 9 days in the Greek islands with my 2 Aussie friends, France for 4 days, then home. Total 2 months travel :D[br][br]Super excited!!


Gday from downunder! (Cheesy I know :)[br][br]I am from Sydney, Australia and pumped ready to do the 10 Prague to Munich Explore commencing 8 Septmeber and then also 4 days Oktoberfest with Topdeck from Sep 18-21! Bring it on![br][br]Cheers,[br]Matt


I’m Canadian from just outside Toronto. Im going on the Essential Europe tour leaving May 26th! im travellin solo but am super excited should be alot of fun


I’m English, and live in London. Going on the Sinai Horizons on 27th June, can’t wait!


Im from England :slight_smile: Leicester! [br]im off on the mega european on the 21 june. . . and i havent found anyone how is travelling on this date yet!!! but soooo excited :)[br][br]Sophie x


Im From Adelaide South Australia and im off on the european getaway 30th may 2009. [br][br]Whoo Hooo not long now!!![br][br]Sarah :slight_smile:


Hey [br] I’m from New Zealand. Doing Northern Exposure 14 june.[br]i did a trip last year with Contiki and of the 51 people on the bus 36 were aussie and 10 kiwi. rest were Canadian & american.


Hi,[br]I’m from north west queensland, Australia. I’m going on the european getaway on the 27th of June, but it looks like i’m the only one on this tour. I arrive in London on the 14th of June. I can’t wait!!! Deanna


Hey, I’m from Geelong in Victoria and I’m doing the European Pioneer on 23Jul travelling on my own. Can’t wait![br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


hi all ,[br][br]i’m from melbourne, australia.[br]doin the grand european(19 may) … also traveling thru amsterdam, krakow(solo), scottish highlands, edinburgh, vilamoura, lagos(solo) & lisbon(solo) …[br]i have a week spare post-trip(15 june) so anyone looking for a travel buddy around then?anywhere…[br][br]quan[br]grand european[br]19 may


I’m from Sydney Australia. Doing Grand European and Greek Islands!!![br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun