When will I recieve my tour information?


22 days until I leave! Am I going to recieve a tour pack or anything from Topdeck?[br][br][br][br]Hannah[br]Australia[br]Winter Wonder 29 November 2009


email them… they reply like instantly.[br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th '09[br][br]Ibiza (This was not a Top Deck trip… as u probably would have guessed.)[br]Aug 19th - Aug 25th '09[br][br]Croatia Sailing Stoncica[br]Sep 5th - Sep 12th '09[br][br]Decker Oktoberfest[br]Sep 14th - Sep 21st '09


topdeck issue e-docs which will be sent to you when you have paid in full for your trip. these include your detailed day-to-day itinerary and any vouchers you need for pre and post trip accommodation. In addition to this you must read the detailed pre-departure information relevant to your trip. (can be downloaded from the website).[br][br]European Odyssey June 26, 2010


Hi, [br][br]My partner and I paid for our trip almost a year ago and we haven’t received anything as yet and we leave in a month!!![br][br]Amanda


We paid our trip in full 3 weeks ago, and we still haven’t received any information. Our travel agent got in contact with Topdeck this week, and we are meant to get our info next week. Apparently Topdeck didn’t have all our details yet - passport info - so they hadn’t given us our info pack yet.[br][br]Might be an idea if you contact Topdeck.[br][br]Desiree[br][br]Winter Getaway (5th December 2009)


Ahh this makes sense. My travel agent has not given Topdeck my passport information yet because I am waiting to recieve it so maybe that is why they have not sent it![br][br]Thanks.