When do the 2012 tours come up?


just wondering when you can book for the 2012 tours?


Hi Sarah,

Glad to hear you’re already keen to travel with us next year :slight_smile:
Our 2012 Europe Summer program will be available around September/October - be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page, as we’ll keep you updated on its arrival!

If there’s another program you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll give you an ETA.

Topdeck Team


Thanks for that! I’m looking at doing the “Discover Europe” or “Europe Uncovered”, I’m looking at heading around mid June next year. So if you could let me know when they are coming out that will be good! :slight_smile:



Sure, just keep an eye on the website as they’ll be updated later on in the year!



Is there anyway of knowing dates for 2012 tours prior to the new brochure being released in September/October as I was hoping to book earlier than that! Thanks :slight_smile: