Wheely back packs?


Hi all, [br]Just wanting some feedback on the travel bags with wheels and back pack straps. E.g. Kathmandu Roadhaul 70L or Black Wolf Grand Royale 75L. [br][br]Im travelling around Europe for 3 months and imagine there will be many times when I cant wheel my luggage and will need to carry it so I’m considering this option. So if anyone has found these useful or not I’d love to hear from you! [br]I guess the main negative point at the moment is that they weigh more. I’m thinking of going for the Black Wolf Grand Royale as the wheels are large and made for difficult terrain. Also, it has the padded waist and chest straps (others only have shoulder straps)[br][br]I have no idea how much room i’ll need for 3 months travel! The bag is 77cm tall - topdeck restriction is 70cm! Does anyone know how strict they are?? with height?[br][br]Thanks a million!!! [br][br]Liz[br][br]


Hi lizn,[br]Im wondering the same thing too…i think the suitcase with options of both wheels and straps is best. That way you have both and will be prepared for any situation. i was also talking to someone recently who recommended that option and said it’s a also a good back up incase you have any problems with the handle (some aren’t great quality and are prone to breaking!)[br]The only thing with these wheely backpack cases is that there’s not a lot of variety and might not be the accepted size?(70x45x25) [br][br]Would appriciate some more advice…anyone used one of these wheely backpack cases??


hi [br]I bought a black wolf globe runner for my mega european trip in august (basically a duffle bag on wheels) even though now im worried coz its dimension are 80cmx 37cm x40cm which are no where near the restrictions? :frowning:


I know they are strict on the weight, so hopefully they arent too strict on the dimensions…[br][br]cos while my backpack is thinner than the requirements, i think it is also about 7cm taller…[br][br]I dont think its possible for everyone to have a bag that will fit those exact measurements, but it is possible for everyone’s bags to be 20kg… does that make sense?[br][br]Any Admin around here to answer???[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Im hoping the same thing! I assume weight to be the main concern? I think as long as a bag isnt overly huge it should fit in the storage compartment?


Hey![br][br]I bought a wheely backpack to take with me and its about 66x33x32 High Sierra. I figured this kind of bag would be better…my friend went last year and had trouble lugging her suitcase around. I found my bag at strandbags. Hope this helps![br][br]Em


Hey Guys - I bought a Kathmandhu Roadhaul 70L pack for my Mega European tour. I havn’t left yet - or attempted a “practice pack” but I think it will be perfect for what we are doing. I’ll let you know!:slight_smile:


hi! i have done a lot of hunting round for the perfect backpack with wheels, and im pretty sure i found it!! i bought the Berghaus Jalan 65 litre (plus a 15 litre day pack attached). i tried on a lot and most of the backpacks with wheels didn’t have substantial harness systems and a lot were really uncomfortable. i wanted something that i can use in both situations (carrying and pulling) but figured it was really important to have one that was comfortable so i didn’t get stuck dragging it along all the time. this one is predominantly a backpack with the added benefit of wheels, so it also doesn’t look as stupid as some others that look like you’ve got a suitcase on your back!!![br][br]I haven’t used it yet but im convinced i made the right choice! i toured europe a few years ago and took a wheeled suitcase/dufflebag. From that experience im glad ive now got this! and ive looked into how much heavier they are and it is minimal, if not the same weight as a reg backpack![br][br]My advice to anyone would be to try them on, and try all of them! i almost bought the first backpack i tried on, but glad i shopped around, because the first one didnt even compare to the one i got!! also, make sure you get one in your carrying capabilities- remember its great to be able to fit more stuff, but it just means its gunna be heavier!![br][br]Hope this helps!!!


Hey everyone![br]I have travelled 15 countries in the last year with a Kathmandu backpack and just recently went to italy for a weekend with a small wheelie suitcase and it was a pain in the behind!!! Backpacks are the way to go cause you can navigate through small hallways, doors etc… plus you will find when staying in hostels there are a lot of stairs and wheels are not meant for stairs. I wouldn’t bother getting a pack with wheels, I don’t think you will use them much. The other key to using a pack is when pasking, roll everything up, you fit twice as much this way.[br]Hope this helps![br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.


me again!![br][br]found this link on the paddy pallin site that shows some wheeled packs:[br][br]www.paddypallin.com.au/default.aspx?page=77&Group=63[br][br]if you want to go for the more suitcasey look then the others i was considering were the osprey sojourn or the osprey meridian. these are targeted more at wheeling and sometimes carrying, but was still comfortable and had a good harness system!