Whats happening with tours in queensland?


i’m not due in oz til end of february. and if i do a tour it’ll be in april. to head north.

but what is happening with this months tour…
and after floods have gone there will be a big mess and clean up operation…

are current tours going ahead around the floods?? anyone know!


Hi Craig,

This is the latest update (as of 11 January 2011) on the situation in Queensland:

Topdeck Queensland Trips are still operating. We are keeping a close eye on the road closures and are monitoring departures in accordance.

JQL14 1 January 2011 departed as scheduled from Sydney and spent an additional night on Fraser Island (7th Jan 10). They are now on their way to Cairns.

JQL14 8 January 2011 departed as scheduled ex Sydney. Due to continuing inclement weather clients have been given the option of terminating the trip in Surfers Paradise / Brisbane tomorrow or to continue on with the trip. Those clients continuing will spend an additional two nights on the Gold Coast before flying from Brisbane to Airlie Beach on Friday afternoon. The group will then be back on schedule.

JQL14R 15 January 2011 is scheduled to depart ex Cairns this weekend.

All of our passengers and crew are perfectly safe - Queensland is a huge state and there is absolutely no flooding in North Queensland. We expect when the southbound tours reach central/southern Queensland flood waters will have receded leading to normal operations. As you can see we make every effort to accommodate our passengers and any changes to the itinerary as deemed necessary.

By April we expect all tours to be operating as usual. For regular updates please visit http://www.topdeck.travel/news

Topdeck Team!