What will you be sleeping in?


hey hey[br][br]can anyone recommend a good compact sleeping bag??[br][br]where did you get yours from and how much??[br][br][br]cheers


i got mine from kathmandu, i think i paid about $120, but that was with mates rates (some of my friends were working there at the time) [br][br]its a really great sleeping bag, and can squash up to be really small, but if you dont want to pay too much, try places like big w and kmart - they have some compact ones there too[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hey Cloudy,[br]I picked my sleeping bag up at Aussie Disposals. $60, really compact and gives protection down to 0c degrees. Its a High Country bag. Check out Aussie Disp before heading to the bigger stores. Although Im still not sure why I need a sleeping bag. Going on a EuroClub tour (Winter Getaway 13 March) and most of our accommodation (except for 2 nights) is either hotels or hostels…and I would have thought there would have been bedding there. Anyways, guess I better bring the Packing List says to bring…! If anyone can shed light on this let me know![br]Katie


hey whirlsie and eitak[br][br]thanks for ur replies!! [br][br]i got my travel agent to double check if we need sleeping bags, as i’m doing a euroclub tour aswell, she told me that you need a sleeping bag because not all places provide blankets. [br][br]If I could I wouldn’t take one, coz of the extra weight and size, but that’s why Im after a compact one. Will check out the places you guys have suggested. I did go into Kathmandu, and I think they might be a bit overpriced so I will shop around.[br][br]I bought my backpack/daypack today, so i’m excited again!![br]:)[br][br]