What type of Luggage to take?


Hey I was just wondering wether your better off taking the backpack suitcase thing they suggest or if a wheelie case is still ok (for main luggage)??

Anyone been who has taken a wheelie suitcase and found its ok?
Or am i better off buying another case that i can carry on my back?




Hi Chiara,

For the day to day of the tour it will depend on a number of things:

  1. Camping - OK as the bus is usually parked pretty close to where the tents will be set up when unloading
  2. Hostels etc - don’t count on any elevators around Europe so keep in mind that it is easier to hoist a backpack up stairs than a suitcase
  3. After tour accommodation - if you only have a couple of days pre and post and they are all at the same place and are the pick up points for the hotel, usually not a problem. However, if the tour is just part of a longer trip, suitcases become problematic and that’s when backpacks come into their own as it is easier to walk from a tube station a kilometre of so with a backpack than a suitcase.



Hi Chiara

I’m a big supporter of taking backpacks!! Hotels and hostels in Europe often have tiny lifts where only 2 people will fit in there with their luggage = long waits as the whole tour tries to get to their rooms. OR they have no lift at all. And lots of stairs. Backpacks mean you can walk straight up the stairs. I love them!! I’m a pretty small girl though and sometimes struggle getting my backpack on my back once it’s really heavy, but it’s nothing that sitting down in a chair somewhere or asking someone to help you lift it onto your back won’t solve. Plus, if you’re going to London it’s so handy in the crowded tubes to have a backpack rather than wheeling a suitcase around!


i also love the backpacks! some friends of mine used suitcases on our last tour, they were bulky, took way longer to unload, were not easily moved and caused massive problems on european public transport systems which tend to move quickly in and out of stations leaving little time to heave suitcases on to trains…
the main issue though is probably having to transport your own suitcase, you cant carry it and wheeling it over cobblestones/long distances gets tiring and annoying when you could hoist a backpack onto your back and just walk normally.