What type of bag should I buy


Hey all

My sister and I are booked for the Greek island hopper in September and we are looking to purchase new luggage before we leave. I know the restrictions are maximum weight of your main bag not exceeding 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm (height) x 45cm (width) x 25cm (depth).
What kind of bags would you suggest and also with regard to carry on/ day trips what bag would be ideal. Backpack vs sling?

Thanks in advance


On my trip (Winter Spirit March 2017) they didn’t care about bag sizes at all! I also took a day pack that i always had with me on the bus and days I wanted to take a lot with me, but most days I only needed a small handbag (for phone, wallet, etc.)


A lot of people, including myself, that this bag


A lot of older European cities and towns have cobbled streets which can wreak havoc on wheeled bags, so one that can be worn on the back with good support structure is ideal. Most larger backpacks have wheels as wheel when you can’t be bothered wearing it on your back.

I got the 80litre Deuter backpack. Haven’t tried it yet, but it should have ample space. Make sure you take a lock or 2 to lock up the zippers. Valuable items should be kept in a safe place. I wouldn’t bring expensive jewellery or anything too precious.

Dirty and wet clothes can be a hassle. On my last day of my last trip I looked like a homeless person with a big black garbage bag I lugged around until I got to Wombats in London and spent some considerable time in the basement, washing. Fun times!


I bought an Ultralight Osprey Ozone 75L. It’s a backpack but also has wheels so you can use it like a suitcase too. Also comes with a detachable day pack so you can check the pair as one bag if you need to.
Its a bit pricey but it’s an investment and Osprey bags have a great reputation!



Just don’t buy a wheeled bag. I already broke two


Buy a bag that would fit most small luaggage categories. You will save a lot on budget airlines.


You can buy a wheel bag, and stay flexible in any travel situation.