what to wear?


Going on europe tour july/august. have no idea what to pack!?!?! what to wear during the day? and also for nights out? does it have to be really dressy? help!


How long are you going for? You’re better off packing light as clothes are easily bought once out if you need them! I just got back from a week on holiday and packed way too much in hindsight, but I learnt from it! Just make sure you have comfy clothes which are comfortable for coach trips, walking about etc, and are suitable for the weather! Personally I’ll be taking a few pairs of shorts, 1-2 pairs of jeans, about 5 tops and then some dresses which can be used for day and night wear and 1-2 dressy dresses. As for shoes I’m taking a pair of Vans for day wear, some flip flops/sandals for the beach and a pair of heels. Generally speaking for nights out you don’t have to be really dressy! Unless you’re going to the casino in Monaco which has a stricter dress code I believe