What to wear!


take whatever your comfortable in, keep in mind you spend a lot of time traveling in the bus to… last trip I did a group of girls didn’t even get dressed on bus days, they were in PJ’s and had there sleeping bags an pillows with them so they could continue sleeping after early morning departure…


if your going into churchs/ catherdrals etc, you’ll need to cover your knees and your shoulders as a sign of respect, takes what ever you think is necessary. maybe 1 jumper a few cardies and a few light weight long pants.


Leggings, leggings and leggings! Who knew they were so comfy!! Skirts and dresses is the way it’ll be I think. Cardi also (to cover shoulders) and a skirt that goes from above knees to below for churches! I did some crazy shopping today. Now to find a cute over the shoulder bag for the day and a small cute cluch (with chain) for night!