What to wear? ...or not


Hi all [br][br]I’m not touring Europe until winter and was going to try and get away with only taking one “evening” or “good outfit” (just a long sleeved black dress). [br][br]I was wondering how often you need to dress well… and where to. (My sister mentioned she went clubbing on Kontiki. I have no idea what they wear over there clubbing?)[br][br]Do you think “a little black dress” would do? [br][br]thanks ::slight_smile:


I am currently in London, and from what I can gather, pretty much anything goes. I’m sure a LBD will be fine. :)[br][br]-----------------[br]Spirit of Europe.[br]May 13th. [br]:smiley:


Hi all[br][br]What about shoes?? I’m going in July so i guess it will be reasonably warm… was thinking thongs but they will probably rub after awhile but covered shoes may be too hot?? Anyone wore sketchers before?? [br][br]Have a great trip![br][br]Cheers[br]Toni


Hi Travelgirl,[br][br]We just did a tour in December/January and most of the time it was long pants, jackets, coats and gloves! There was a couple of girls who wore dresses out on I think one occasion but it was really too cold (in the minus temperatures) to be wearing glamorous stuff![br][br]Toni28 I ended up buying some Skechers in Oxford St London the day before we left on tour as the shoes I had brought from home were uncomfortable and let me say Skechers are the best! We did so much walking and they are just really comfortable! And they only cost about 65pounds…And there are soooo many to choose from over there…:slight_smile:


Oh thanks a bunch! looks like the dress will be staying in OZ! the less weight the better!


hey travel girl, [br]i am presuming you mean their winter. then i think lukeandali are right on the ball. from what i can gather most temp.would be in the 0-10 and more often than not in the 0-5. Partly depends on what trip you doing?[br] If its our winter well completely different story.[br][br]cheers Dale;D


depends on where u are dale :P[br][br]in canberra at the moment is 3 degrees lol[br][br]but i grew up here and love winter lol[br][br]but i have a feeling it would be colder in europe :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


ha, yeh:), canberra such a lovely warm spot during winter, gotta love them nights. You get somebody from the tropics and they think 20 is cold(cousin has that problem! [br]Friend, she’s in london at the moment and she said it was about 20-25 the other day. From what i can gather though from what she says it spends a lot of time in the 0-5 bracket in london & denmark during the winter!! can’t see the fun in that but least they dress for it or have houses designed for the cold. [br][br]happy travels[br]Dale[br][br]


Sorry I meant European winter (December, January, February). Thanks all ::slight_smile:


is the summer in europe reasonably warm or should i still bring jackets and a couple of jeans etc?[br][br]i have no idea how much to pack either. lol


Summer in Europe last year was really hot. I did the Discover Europe trip that left early July I think and it was really hot. Some evenings were cool and some days it rained (like in Switzerland on the day we were leaving). I took jeans and wore them mainly of an evening. I also took a jacket. You will need a jacket/jumper if you choose to go to the Ljublijana - Postojna Caves. Next trip I will take my Keens especially if I travel in summer. They are waterproof and so comfy!


How warm does it usually get through June??


One thing I’m trying to figure out is how much to bring… how often do you get a chance to do laundry? Is it easy to find a laundromat or am I better of hand-washing?


Hi Diana, there aren’t too many opportunities to do your laundry at a laundromat (plus you have to wait around for the machines and waste time). I basically hand washed my clothes every opportunity I got. Take a “pegless” clothes-line or even take two as they are great. There were about 3 times when laundromats were really close to the hotel. In Nice it was right opp. our hotel. Take clothes that are easy to dry. I washed my jeans 1st night arriving in Paris and they were dry basically the next day.


ps: don;t over-pack. i think I under-packed (if there is such a thing). Take a few light-weight dresses that will be comfy in the heat and easy to dry.


i take it thick jacket things r unsuitable for summer in europe :-[[br][br]ok then if im off for two weeks what size suitcase do u recommend i get haha and how full should i pack it


I took a 55L back pack with an extra (10L that I could expand). You will be packing all your things up every day to every 2 days which gets really tiring. A suite case may be a bit easier to pack and unpack regularly but probably a nuisance trying to get it up and down the stairs. Some places do have lifts but often they are small which means you may be queuing. If I was to go traveling again I’d take my backpack with me as it’s more practical than wheeling something around, plus you have your hands free. Get a sensible size backpack or suitcase, nothing too ridiculously big.


travelgirl you should not be asking this question i have given you so much info about clothes haha i know who you are ooooooooooo :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah you have- however ur opinion is invalid seeing as u didnt even bring ur sleeping bag or jaket on ur last tour ! haha


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