What to wear in Europe during the month of October?


I’m doing a tour in Europe at the start of October and I have no idea what to pack. Warm clothes or summer clothes?


Hey Jaide,
I’m leaving in September and the tour goes through to October. I’m packing warm clothes because my tour goes through Switzerland and the Swiss Alps are almost always cold! I recommend if you feel the cold like I do, take some warm clothes.


Your best bet is to bring clothes you can layer up- some places will be warmer than others (e.g. i’ve been to the South of France in October and daytime temperatures have still been hitting the 20s).

I would say bring a mix of long and short sleeved t shirts (i’d say 4x short and 2x long), cardigans, shorts and bring leggings/footless tights you can wear underneath for areas with milder weather. The weather will be cooling down in places but you certainly won’t be experiencing harsh winter weather in most places. So a lightweight waterproof winter jacket will probably suffice and bring some gloves and a scarf with you just in case.

Obviously it depends what sort of temperatures you are used to- if you live in a climate were your summer temperatures often hit the 30s- then you will probably suffer more from the milder weather than I would living in the UK. We are lucky if get a week of sunshine- the temperature here a few weeks ago hit 30 degrees and it’s the first time i’ve ever experienced heat like that here in the UK in over 20 years.


Hey steph!

When exactly are you going because I’m going in the middle of September too and what trip are you doing?? Also, my confusion with what to pack is shoes, I recently bought toms and was going to bring that and a nice pair of flip flops…but a lot of people are telling me to bring runners? Any suggestions!


Hey Jozimec!
I’m doing Discover Europe departing on the 14th September. In regards to shoes, my plan is one pair flip flops, one pair runners, one pair of nice going out shoes and a pair of boots.


Hi there!

I did a Discover Europe tour in 2013 from September- October. I packed long sleeves and ended up shopping for cooler tops because it was pretty hot. I was thankful that I packed a jacket when we went to the Swiss Alps and the Postojna caves in Slovenia. As for shoes, I packed boots and Converse sneakers, and bought nice flats for the trip to Monaco. I was going to pack running shoes, but I’m glad I didn’t because the tour is so fast-paced and exhausting, that I wouldn’t have ever thought of going for a run! Hope this helps!! :smile: