What to take Southern Nomad 3rd August


Hi all,

This is my first time away travelling so Im abit unsure of what Ill need, should I take a suitcase/backpack, do I need a sleeping bag, what sort of clothes would you reccommend day clothes or evening ahhh so confused.

Thanks Jess x


Hi Jess,

which trip are you on? That will let you know whether you need a sleeping bag or not. What time of year are you heading out?

Topdeck Team


Hi, Its the Southern Nomad I think I do need one, also Im going in August


Hi Jess

Duh! It was the name of your post :stuck_out_tongue:

Yip - Sleeping bag needed cause you’re on a camping trip.

Clothing - comfy, summery is the best with a nice outfit in case you head out somewhere a little fancy in the evening.

Bring a warm hoodie/jumper too cause it could get a little chilly at night while you’re camping.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team