What to pack?


I don’t know what to pack for 7 weeks travelling? Can anyone offer advice?

Also, what is the meaning of the food fund? Does that mean I don’t need to bring money for the lunches and dinners that aren’t included?


Thanks :slight_smile: xxx


Hey Hannah :slight_smile:

7 weeks of travelling is a LONG time, but remember, you will be able to buy a lot of things when you get to your destination, so don’t think you have to take everything with you.

It’s a little different for girls than guys, but I suggest you take a few different outfits: Casual, Dressy, and Beach/Swimwear. Again, you can always buy an item or two at your destination if you need to. Also, take your basic toiletries, but they can also be purchased when you get there… so you don’t have to take a 2 month supply for mouthwash with you! :slight_smile:

If you search the forums on this website I’m sure there are some other topics which will give you a basic outline of what you need to bring with you.

As for the food fund, that money covers the breakfasts/lunch/dinners that are included during your trip. You ABSOLUTELY need to bring money with you to cover all the other meals that aren’t included. As well, you may need money for snacks, souvenirs, batteries, items of clothing, etc. etc. Depending on your needs, (and tastes!), I would budget anywhere from 20 - 50 Euro a day. You will be spending a lot of time on the bus, so the good news you can’t spend money on the bus! However, the gas stations that the bus will stop at are usually extremely overpriced. So when you are in a major town, you may want to stock up on food/drinks and have them on the bus until your next major destination. :slight_smile:

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It depends on your destination. For such a long trip is better to buy high capacity suitcase and put there only things you cannot buy in destination, like laptop, documents, warm clothes, maybe underwear, different electronic devices like shaver and so on…



I’m about to embark on my fifth o/s trip and I still have trouble working out what to pack, so I always refer to the rule: pack then halve what you’ve packed.
You often end up wearing the same 2 or 3 outfits the entire trip anyway. You will soon be looking for comfort and practicality as opposed to being a style icon - just remember that everyone that you are travelling with is generally in the same boat.

I’m heading to the US for 3 months as of next month, and this is my list:

  • 2 x jeans
  • 1 x trackpants
  • 1 x hoodie
  • 5 x t-shirts (long and short for layering)
  • 2 x jumpers
  • 1 x jacket
  • 1 x swimmers
  • 1 x dressy outfit
  • shoes: 1 x boots, 1 x flats, 1 x runners, 1 x heels, 1 x thongs/flip flops (take thongs with you everywhere!)
  • underwear for a week
  • toiletries for a month

Don’t forget electrical adapters, phone/camera charges, travel documents etc.

Ultimately, don’t stress about what clothes you are wearing. You will generally make-do with what you have and if you really need something, you can buy it at your destination.

Have fun!



Firstly forget fashion! Practicality is the way to go! If you needed to look nice bring some small accessories to jazz it up a bit, and don’t bring high heels, that’s an extra kilo and lost space.

I have written about what I took for about the same time on my blog (http://tine94.wordpress.com/).

I found that I just got into the habit of wearing the same kinda combos all the time because they proved the most comfortable.

Hope this helps,



Im going to Europe for a month in December, here’s what i’m taking

Jeans x 2
Dressy Pants
Thermal Leggings x 3
Weeks worth of underwear
2 - 3 bras
Walking boots
Boots for going out
Mix of practicality tops, long sleeves, singlets, thermals etc
Gloves, hats and scarves

etc :slight_smile:


I say make a Pinterest account and check out the outfit/packing tips on there. I literally have all the packing infographics glued to my bedroom wall to inspire me over the next couple of weeks before I leave.

Once you have a capsule wardrobe listed out, you can check off the things you already own, and maybe pick up some items you have your eye on in store :slight_smile:


I just got back from a 3-month travel – a mix of budget travel and luxury. Stayed at a friend’s place for a few days, then in a budget inn and finally splurged in a nicer hotel.

Lived comfortably with just clothes good for about a month. But that’s only if you’re willing to wash some clothes from time to time. Got some stuff from this shop - http://www.jetsettr.com.au/shop/laundry/?Page=1?ProductSortBy=Custom&ProductSortOrder=Asc. Bought a pegless clothesline, inflatable hangers and some others before leaving. Really useful for me.

Of course, I bought a couple of shirts, singlets, accessories along the way.


I think almost everything, one thing that can be easy: Upload all your important (travel) documents to a cloud-server, this way you won’t have all the hassle when important documents are lost.


Hey guys,

I did the 49 day mega european last year and outline what I packed here http://tine94.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/what-to-pack/

Do pack light, you will realise what’s the most comfortable and wear that all the time!


I think ive got the packing thing down pat, just one question though ~ Am i going to need an adapter to charge my phone/camera etc??


Even if that sounds a long travel, always pack lightly. Bring only those necessary and yes, something that you are comfortable wearing!


Usually, you don’t have to. In case you need one, they’re probably selling it on arrival areas anyway.




Hey Hannah!

Check out my blog I have a section about packing. http://tine94.wordpress.com/

I did the 49 day Mega European and was overseas for about as long as you are going to be.

Firstly, pack for comfort! Bring layers as opposed to a massive jacket (unless of course you’re going in winter). I’d avoid high heels in regards to bag space so I brought a nice pair of flats.

Bring one travel adaptor and a power board if you have more than one thing to charge at a time! Eg, phone, laptop.

You also want your clothes to be versatile and bring some that will cover your shoulders and knees for cathedrals. A large scarf helped me out heaps when I forgot to dress appropriately!

Hope this helps!