What to Pack?


hi im doing the Winter Rhapsody tour 9-26th January 2013

any i really don’t know what kinds of things i need to buy to wear. what kind of shoes do i need to bring?
I know its going to be cold and i’m pretty sure none of the clothes i own will be warm enough. I havn’t been anywhere really cold so
i could use some help



Will be nice and cold that time of year… Do a bit of google searching on the weather in each place, I think some of the countries will have an average down around 0 or below that time of year… lots of snow and ice…

With that in mind I would be visiting stores like Katmandu, Anaconda, Rays Outdoors etc, get some good clothing made for the outdoors and those temperatures… For starters you would want some thermals (underwear), a good thick jacket, gloves, beanie, some decent shoes that are waterproof etc etc…

I recommend spending a bit more on decent clothing, i’ve purchase a couple of North Face Fleece jumpers from Anaconda. And while they are around $80 each, they are light weight, aren’t overly bulky, but are extremely warm…



The theme for winter in Europe is layer upon layer upon layer…

Icebreaker makes some fantastic pieces from singlets through to long sleeve t’s, through to light weight jumpers through to outer wear. The icebreaker clothing is all made from merino wool, but really soft and really light, so packing is really easy. They also make socks which I lived in when I went in 2010. Also, take a woollen scarf or two - not polyester as this won’t keep you warm. Your jacket will need to be not only waterproof, but wind proof - out of everything it is the wind that will be the coldest!

Take boots that are waterproof but that you don’t mind getting scuffed. They do salt the streets in Europe in winter and this causes the colour to bleach from leather. When I was on tour, the girls were wearing almost 50/50 hiking boots or boots made for walking around at the snow - make sure they have grip. Sneakers will be a complete waste of space. Below is a list that you might find handy:

Umbrella - Compact with a zip up case (this will stop water getting everywhere)
Plastic Raincoat - The king that costs $2 at Woollies is fine
Travel towel (and if you have long hair - quick dry hair towel)
Travel hair dryer - there’s nothing worse than going out in the winter with wet hair!

Heavy Jacket
Jumpers x 2 - don’t take more than this. If you want more, buy over there.
Tops x 3 - don’t worry, everyone else is taking minimum clothing as well
Pants x 2 - very few people (guys or girls) on our tour took jeans for a couple of reasons - they take forever to dry when you wash then, they aren’t particularly warm, and if they get wet when you’re out and about, they stay wet. Take some thicker pants instead, or take thick leggings, that you can layer thermals under
Thermal singlets x 2
Thermal tights x 2
Socks x 3
Undies etc x 4 sets (this will be enough to get you from one laundry to the next) and hand washing is also easy to do
Scarves x 2
Gloves x 2 - 1 wool and 1 leather

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Waterproof jacket, umbrella, sweater, underwear, warm jacket, gloves for cold, winter hat, waterproof shoes, lip cream, handkerchief, toothpaste/brush, socks, headache, fever capsules and a copy of your passport visas. Do not pack travel documents in luggage but carry it in your hands.


Hi Amanda,

I am doing the Winter Spirit on 7th Feb, 2013 and this will be the first time I have done anything like this (plus I am going solo!) So I have no idea what to pack either. So thanks for asking the question and thank you to everyone for their really helpful tips.



Out of curiosity, what types of long pants do people take other then jeans to cope with a European winter? I understand the drying time if they get wet but would love to know what other people packed??


Anastasia you are a life saver!!
You just prevented me freeeeeezing to death,Cheers! :slight_smile: