What to pack?


So I’m heading over to Europe in May to do the Spirit of Europe tour, I know that Topdeck provide you with a suggested packing list but I know what people took but actually used? (Clothing wise) What do people that have been on tours pack and take with them?[br][br]Will I really need to take a sleeping bag? This will take up a large portion of wheeled backpack (I have one of those wheeled bags that have fitted back straps to carry your bag).[br][br]Any opinions appreciated.[br]Thanks


Hey Jess,[br]It’s really tough trying to decide what to pack for a trip. When in May are you leaving? Firstly, I would definetly take a sleeping bag unless you are comfortable sleeping in the blankets provided in some places-they aren’t the most comfortable/god knows who else has used them. There are some forum topics on here suggesting where to get good travel sleeping bags. Mine is tiny and weighs just under 2kg and fits in my very small rucksack (60L). As for clothing, I packed WAY to much, but I wasn’t the only one. May weather can still be cool in some places (Paris, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe) so you will need a warm jacket (not a coat) and a good pair of shoes. I usually work in 2’s and 3’s (2 jeans, 3 shirts etc) and make sure I can get as many differnt outfits out of them. All I can suggest is dont pack 20kg of clothes you wont have any room for things you buy along the way.[br]Just give us a shout if you have anymore questions. Hope this helps[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Brugge Christmas Market Weekend 19-20 Dec 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009


thanks very much for your help. i’ll add a sleeping bag to the list of things to buy.


Hi Jess,[br][br]If you are travelling in May, I’d say 2 pairs of jeans, T-shirts, at least one long sleeved top, thin waterproof jacket could come handy. Comfortable shoes are a must![br][br]The less you bring, the better: more room for anything you wish to buy and easier to carry. Passengers tend to take more than they need and often regret it.[br][br]When it comes to packing, a method I found useful is that I lay out all the clothes I think I want to take; then put half of it in my bag. But whatever works for you…[br][br]Happy travelling![br][br]Anita


Hi Jess[br][br]In regards to the sleeping bag - you can get really small sized ones that fit in your palm and are really warm. Some good brands are caribee or the ‘roman palm’ sleeping bag. [br][br]I am going to buy one this week. [br][br]Hope this helps! [br][br]


Hi,[br][br]If you’re still in Australia there are a number of great places that you can get lightweight but warm sleeping bags - Paddy Palin, Snowgum, Kathmandu are just 3. Best bet is to buy a twin season bag - less down so it doesn’t take up as much room.[br][br]In terms of clothes, pants that have zip off legs are a god-send, particularly for those areas where you have to have your legs covered. For this a sarong is also a fantastic pack, as well as being able to double as a wrap etc - meaning you only need to take one jacket - not a heavy weight and a light weight.[br][br]Shoes are also a huge space grabber - if you have Reef sandals or something similar, plan on these being your favourite footwear on tour. You can walk all day in these and they have enough support that your feet won’t be dead by the end of the day. Take a pair of strappy sandals (great for Monaco and other places at night) and one pair of enclosed shoes (depending on whether you intend to do any bushwalking or not), sneakers or hiking boots are the best.[br][br]Undies that are 100% cotton take forever to dry in the dryers in Europe - take blended fabrics, they dry faster and don’t need ironing![br][br]The one thing I would make room for is a travel pillow - perfect on the bus, plane, in bed and they can squish up really small.[br][br]Hope this helps,[br]Stacey


some thing else that people might want to check out it is http://www.pacsafe.com/www/index.phpc [br][br]Not saying that topdeck has dodgy people but staying in hostels with all other people, you may come across a dodgy person every once and a while. All types of ways to keep your stuff safe and secure [br][br]My mum gave me one of these for a gift http://www.pacsafe.com/www/index.php?_room=3&_action=detail&id=18[br][br]--------[br]European Pioneer 2010 20 May - 24 Jun


Thanks for all the advice, its been very helpful!


Here is my packing list for the Mega European, I’m away from home for 3 months total leaving in March so I’m assuming it will still be quite cold esp in the mornings/evenings but I’m coming home via LA where it will be very hot. You can play around with it but less is more is the idea :)[br][br]4 shirts/blouses/tops[br]2 pairs trousers (jeans, pants)[br]1 skirt[br]1 shorts[br]1 ? pants[br]1 dress[br]Swimsuit/sarong/board shorts[br]2 warm tops [br]1 light top [br]Parka and puffy/feather jacket[br]4-5 pairs socks + flight socks[br]4-5 pairs undergarments[br]thermals[br]sun hat / woollen hat[br]1 pair dressy shoes [br]1 pair walking shoes [br]flip-flops or sandals (good for shower shoes)[br][br]travel pack [br]daypack [br]handbag[br]laundry bag[br]luggage lock(s) [br][br]alarm clock/watch (batteries?)[br]torch, extra batteries [br]multipurpose tool - scissors/nail clippers[br]whistle[br]conversion plug, double plug[br]travel pillow, pillow case[br]sleeping bag, silk liner[br][br]safety pins, rubber bands, cord[br]sewing kit, including large needle to accommodate dental floss[br]Ziploc plastic bags[br]duct/gaffer’s tape/packing tape[br]drink bottle[br][br]toothbrush, cap, tooth cleaner, floss[br]razor[br]comb [br]shampoo, conditioner, soap [br]deodorant[br][unbreakable] mirror[br]microfibre towel (washcloth)[br][br]universal (flat) sink stopper[br]detergent, spot remover, washing powder[br]clothesline[br][br]Small packets of tissues good for toilet paper[br]antibacterial wipes, alcohol gel[br]insect repellent[br]sunscreen & lip balm[br]tweezers[br]bandage, comfeel/blister dressings, tubi grip[br]Multi vitamins[br]Sun glasses, case[br]Small travelmbrella[br]spork (spoon,fork, knife all in one)[br]earplugs & eye mask[br]Gastrolyte (oral rehydration powder)[br]Mylanta (relieves heart burn)[br]Antibiotic Cream[br]Neurofen (relieves pain/fever)[br]Paracetamol (relieves pain/fever)[br]Immodium (relieves diarrohea)[br]Augmentin (oral antibiotics for infections)[br]Laxsol (relieves constipation)[br]Cyclizine (relieves motion sickness/vomiting)[br]Scopoderm patches (relieves motion sickness)[br]Antihistamines (relieves allergic reactions/helps you sleep)[br]Cold and Flu tablets (be careful with ones containing codeine, banned in some countries)[br]Any other regular meds you take[br]Saline eyedrops[br]Hyperfix/strapping tape[br][br]pen(s), small notebook, stapler + staples[br][for notes, addresses, diary, ?][br]personal address book + phone numbers, address sticky labels[br]maps, guidebook, Post-it notes, International Youth card, phone cards, reading material[br]large envelopes [to mail things home][br]playing cards[br][br]passport, visas, extra passport photos [br]copies of important documents ie bookings/accommodation/tours/passport/credit cards[br]driver’s license, health and travel insurance information[br]travel tickets, airline/topdeck[br]Visa card, Travelex cards, cash [br]________________________________________[br]Camera (lens, case, gorillapod, extra cards, battery & charger)[br]Cellular telephone + charger[br]Ipod & charger[br]Gifts if staying with family/friends[br]


Hey, this has been really handy so far for ideas… I’m going on the European Pioneer tour May 6, my first trip overseas so I am very new to this haha!! Just wondering what kind of backpack/suitcase you guys are taking… I noticed on the TopDeck recommendations they say any luggage can’t have a frame, could anyone clarify this for me?? I’m not sure what that means. Any help would be awesome :)[br][br][br][br]European Pioneer May 6… can’t wait!!


I did a Mega-European in April 2008, and I have to say I wish I had packed less than I did! It was cold through Eastern Europe but as long as you have a good jacket and a warm sleeping bag, you barely notice. If you’re going in summer a light weight sleeping bag, or even a sleeping sheet would be fine! And a lot of the stuff I brought I could buy in Europe anyway IF I had have needed it. Once my mate and I got all our bags into our tent we hardly had room for us we had so much stuff![br][br]Anyone going this year, I would suggest you set out what you think you need and then halve it. And if you forget something, you can probably buy it or borrow it from smoeone else on tour!


So i was wondering if anyone actually brought a travel iron with them. Im gonna be taking some clothes with them that will be in need of ironing because i would just look like a homeless person wearing them with so many wrinkles. I also heard of a wrinkle spray that you could use…but does that really work
Anyways if you have any ideas please let me know



I haven’t been on one of these tours before, so I’m no pro on advice, but friends that HAVE been on these tours have told me that a bag/case that has a case area at the bottom & a bag on the top is really godo to take. I’ve bought one so it’s basically a duffle bag on wheels so you drag it along like a suitcase, plus it has a hard area at the base juts like a suitcase, plus handles like a bag to easily carry to & from the bus & hostels & it also has straps to carry it like a backpack if need be.

They’ve also said a hair straightner was a god-send when it came to ironing! Who knows, it might work! :-s


I will be doing the Gaudi & Glitz tour starting on 21 July which goes for 2 weeks. I will spending a total of 3 months in Europe so I have to be quite tight with luggage restrictions. I know it says that we have to bring a sleeping bag, but because it’s going to be summer while I’m away do you think it would be OK to just pack a sheet type thing? I don’t want to be lugging a sleeping bag around all Summer and using up my weight restrictions.


im off too in august… all my cousins have been and yeah definantleey take a sleeping mag! i got a carabee one on ebay for quite cheap, nnd its so light and tiny and light… you realy dont want too sleep on sheets that 100 other people have slept on… alot of diesase are spead by skin cells and bugs.


How do you know which Caribee Sleeping Bag to go with… what is light, and what is cheap? lol


Hi there,

I am from Ballarat, VIC and have just booked the EUROPEAN GETAWAY in winter (leaving 10th Dec) and I’m just wondering what sort of things I should pack?

Also am I able to take a suitcase and carry on luggage on the bus?
OR would you recommend a backpack instead of the carry on?
Are there any restrictions for what luggage can be taken on the bus?

Do you have any tips for me travelling in the winter?

Also im a first time traveller and will be by myself, any advice?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey Mackenzie!
You’ll love Topdeck!! The tours are so great and there’s lot’s of fun things to do on tour. Topdeck does a great job of making everyone feel welcome. I have found that there are lots of solo travellers on the tours. I travel solo most of the time and have always made friends on tour. I’d recommend checking your Trip Notes as there will be baggage info & packing suggestions on that. There is a limit to the amount of baggage you are allowed to bring. You won’t be able to bring a suitcase on the bus but there will be room for a day bag (small backpack or tote bag).

Hope that helps!