What to pack in the Backpack- Girls?


European Pioneer- May 2009[br][br]Hi Girls,[br][br]Just wondering if you girls can send me a list of everything that you are packing in your back pack for the tour you are going on or went on? Or any advice?[br]Thank you


Such a difficult one! I spent 42 days on tour last year, and another 6 weeks doing my own thing around the UK. I found it really hard to know what to take, and ended up with almost exactly 20kgs at the start. That was OK, as I didn’t buy much along the way - keep in mind that if you do want to shop you’ll need to start with less. Basically T-shirts and other small, light tops. 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, a skirt or dress. A pair of jandals/sandals, 2 pairs of walking shoes (it’s horrible if you only have one pair and they get wet and you have to put them on still wet the next day), and one pair of light dressy shoes. All your clothes should mix and match with each other as much as possible, and layer too. A lightweight jacket. Then there’s all the extra bits - medicines (cold and flu tablets are a must!!), vitamins, hand sanitiser or wipes. Chargers for your electronics, power adaptor and multi plug/board if you’ve got more than one - power sockets are few and far between sometimes! Towel, sleeping bag, pillowcase. It just goes on and on, but practise pack your bag a few times and you’ll be able to narrow it down to the essentials. Good Luck![br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


Thanks kiwi.mel- [br]Yeah its hard on me too cause im travelling for 36 days then moving to live and work in the UK-.[br][br]But u have defiantly helped me out- thanks


Hey Shannyn,[br][br]I’m in a similar situation to you - I’m booked on a 47 day tour, and I’m going to live in the UK afterwards. I was talking to my travel agent and she said that you can ship boxes over for a fairly cheap rate. So I thought I’d ship all my winter stuff over (given I’ll be travelling in summer). I’m lucky enough to have my brother in the UK so I can ship things directly to him - so if you have someone who doesn’t mind storing a few boxes it might be a good option :)Otherwise you could get your family to ship some stuff over once you’ve found a place to live.[br][br]Just an idea ;)[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


Hi Girls! This packing thing sounds like a total mission - 4 weeks exactly til my tour starts - aghhhhh! [br]One think I wish I’d known before moving over is that clothes for work/casual are quite cheap in comparison to NZ/Australia shops, shops like Primark (UK)/Pennys (Ireland), Dunnes are quite good for the basics - in Primark ?100 would get you an entire work woredrobe (and probably include some shoes aswell!)So I wouldn’t stress too much about shipping clothes from NZ/Aust, use your hard earned ? to buy a good quality winter coat though.[br]The only thing to buy in advance or to get your Mum to send to you is kathmandu thermals! Thermals over here just don’t really match up :)[br]Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Hey Sheenz,[br]That’s some great info! Thanks. I had no idea it would be cheaper to get work clothes etc in the UK. That’s gonna save me a lot of time and money! I’ll definitely bring all my thermals!! Thanks for the tips;D[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


[quote]One think I wish I’d known before moving over is that clothes for work/casual are quite cheap in comparison to NZ/Australia shops[/quote][br][br]Thanks Sheenz, now that is a very helpful bit of info 8-)[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Hi ladies! I have been trying to find a cordless flat iron/curling iron…as I am going on the camping trip. The last thing I want is to have bad hair in all of my Europe pics. lol. If anybody has any portable hair styling tips that would be great! [br][br]Thanks![br]-Allison


What type of shoes are u girlies packing?


Hi Girls! The shoe dilemma! OH NO! I’m doing a winter tour so this is what I’m planning so far… 1x walking shoes (kinda dark coloured so figured I could get away with for day/night), 1x havianas (for showering - no athletes foot thankyou very much!)& 1x black flats (for tidier nights out etc). I’m contemplating putting in a pair of runners as well in case my walking shoes get wet …


Shoes - I was going to do a pair of runners, and casual but tidy pair of sneakers, the jandals and a tidy pair of black small wedges for going out for dinners and dancing, but still really comfy to walk a good distance if needed.


Hi Girls,[br][br]Thanks,[br]I was planning on taking my runners for hiking/walking (didnt know whether I needed to buy hiking shoe???), havianas, black flats and maybe one more pair of flats that are comfy to walk far in


hi ladies, [br]i did the instanbul to london tour last year and it was camping. i decided to leave my flat iron and hair dryer at home. BIG MISTAKE! lol luckily the ladies on tour were nice to share. there is ALWAYS outlets so you can plug you flat iron in and stuff - just bring the right adaptors. be mindful of this since ive blown up too many flat irons in my day by not paying attention to the voltage. no worries about bad hair days in euro pics, they are like mandatory! [br]have fun on your trip! :)[br]Tam[br]Istanbul to London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


Hey Miss Tam,[br]Another question for ya – where the heck did you find the converter? I am worried about bringing my flat iron/curling iron cuz I was thinking there wouldn’t be anywhere to plug them in??[br][br]So do the campsite also have internet access then? [br][br]Thanks!


heya![br]well i got my converter at a large sort of hardware store here in canada but i am sure you can find them at walmart. check the voltage on your flat iron and curling iron first and get a converter that works with it. a lot of them arent um strong enough. if walmart doesnt have them try an electronics store like best buy. [br]all the campsites had places to plug in your hair dryer and stuff in the large shower area. just bring an mainland euro plug with the 2 prongs. [br]not many of the campsites (hmmmm, if any on the second half) have internet access tho. you will have to find a cafe somewhere for most.[br]hope this helps![br]Tam :)[br]Istanbul - London 2008[br]Red Star Special 2009