What to pack - help


Hi there :wave: i am travelling solo on the European Getaway Tour June 1st - 20th…could someone kindly give some advice on what i should pack please?..its my first time travelling overseas…thank you


just pack beer, thats all you will need



I did the 37 day European Pioneer last year and your trip is similar to our itinerary. Here’s my advice.

  • Firstly, don’t over pack on clothes. Stick to your basics like one pair of shorts, skirt and jeans. A few tops and singlets. You’ll hopefully have plenty of opportunities to do laundry. I lived in my denim skirt the entire trip. You can even get away with wearing casual clothes when going out. Comfy clothes as well for on the bus. Comfort is key especially if you’re going to experience a bit of a heatwave.
  • Enough underwear to get through the 20 days. One girl bought a pair for everyday of travel and chucked as she went.
  • Comfortable walking shoes for those days of exploring and when on a walking tour. A pair of thongs or sandals as well for those travel days.
  • A light rain jacket and warm jumper. We had hot weather the entire time except for Switzerland which was cool and rainy. But seeing as you’re going at the start of summer, it still might be quite cool. Just keep an eye on the forecast before you leave to get an idea.
  • One or two nice going out outfits. You’ll be going to Monaco so you’ll need to dress nice. And there are some nice group dinners and optionals that you’ll want to get dressed up for.
  • There’ll be opportunities to shop so if you’ve forgotten something or find something you like you might buy. I bought a lot of new clothes along the way, mostly from H&M.
  • A bath towel as most of the accommodations don’t provide them. I bought one in London at the Hostel for 5 pounds and ditched that at the end. If you take your own ensure it’s lightweight and compact.
  • Invest in travel bottles for your toiletries. Squeezy silicon ones were great. Maybe do an estimate and watch of how much you use at home in a 20 day period to know how much you might need whilst you’re away. You can probably borrow shampoo/conditioner/bodywash from your roommates.
  • It’s not the end of the world if you forget things as there are shops everywhere to stock up on things.
  • I found a travel pillow came in handy. Earphones/headphones, IPad/phone loaded with movies, tv shows and music. Power adapters. Portable battery packs.
  • mini first aid kit filled with bandaids, panadol, throat lozengers, eye drops, tissues, baby wipes etc.

You’ll be surprised at what you don’t use or need. I overpacked and wished I culled a lot of the things I took. Just stick to the things you’re comfortable with. The basics that match with everything in your case. And if you forget you can always purchase along the way.

Send me a message if you have any further questions.



Hey Helena i really appreciate your advice…i would totally have overpacked…and would never have done half the stuff you said…thank u so much…ooooh how about the currency?..is it just the euro i need to worry about?



Happy to help! Just remember, comfort and you’ll be fine. Make sure you take shoes that are broken in too. Don’t overthink either. And I forget to mention pyjamas. I took two pairs but basically wore the same one for most of the trip and just washed them frequently. I think I wore my second pair twice in the 7 weeks.

Regarding currency the Euro will cover you mostly but Czech Republic has it’s own currency called the Koruna and Switzerland uses the Swiss franc. You can either exchange euros into their currencies or take money out in it from the ATMS. As you’re staying in places that use the Euro, I’d say just exchange your Euros into Swiss/Korunas. I think majority of these places though I did pull money from the ATM.

It’s handy to have money though in person as a lot of places only accept money or when you’re at dinner/lunch and you can’t split the bill.

Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile: