What to pack for America in late October/ early November weather!?!


Heya, I’m doing the Stars and Stripes tour leaving on the 25th of October and continuing into November this year and I was hoping someone who has been to America in November could let me know how cold it is! And if they have any tips on what to pack…

Thanks xx


Omg I was thinking the exact same!!
Thinking it’s going to pretty cold in New York but in the other places it will be really nice weather.
Constantly doing my research on it haha!
I’m probably going to stock up on the jeans and tights and then take a pair of shorts and a dress for those nice days and lots of warm stuff for cold New York :slight_smile:


Hey, so I called and the only problem is we can only take a suitcase that is 70cm x 45cm x 24cm which is tiny!!! Like how are we supposed to fit super cold winter stuff in there for New York as well as just normal Aussie winter stuff for LA and Vegas :sob::sob::sob: It is going to be a struggle …


oh really?! that is bloody tiny.
I didnt even realise how small that is until I used my measuring tape haha!
I have like a big coat, but its really lightweight and then I have my leather and denim jacket…plus my katmandu haha I figured the leather and denim jacket will be good for like LA and vegas and I’m doing southern exposure after new York which is like Chicago and new Orleans, Washington and Miami and stuff, so my big jacket and katmandu will be good for the REALLY cold places but now I’m thinking its going to be a struggle haha.
plus with jeans and stuff…i’m just going to have to re-think my strategy haha.
I wanted to leave room for shopping too but that might be an even more of a struggle.
are you planning on taking any sort of summery stuff for IF we do get nice days in vegas and LA? I think it can get to like 24 degrees still, but I was unsure if I should bother or not…