What to pack for 2 weeks in Europe?


Hi all,

I am doing a 2 week tour in August. European Emperor. We go from London to France, Spain, Swiss Alps and Italy. I want to know from The top deck crew or anyone who has done a 2 week tour before what I need?!

Do I need a bath towel and a Beach towel or just a beach towel? (We are staying in hotels)

Is there anyway to wash or do you just wash in the sink and leave it over night?

Does anyone have any recomendations on something they think is vital to pack?

Do the ladies recomend a back pack for during the day or a large tote over the shoulder handbag? (I am worried with a backpack you cant see it and it may have easier access for theives)


Thanks Rachael


Hi Rachael,

Packing for a trip is always tricky hey?? Here are a few tips which should help you along (you’ll also find this info on your pre-departure information).

As a general rule, pack light! People invariably bring more than they need, and you will have to
transport it around before and after the trip, as well as in and out of the accommodation during the trip!

The following clothing list is suggested, based on our experience:

1 pair of walking shoes
1 pair of smart casual shoes
1 pair thongs / jandals / flip-flops
2 pairs jeans / trousers
2 pairs shorts / skirts
4 shirts / t-shirts
2 sweaters / jumpers
Smart casual evening wear
1 rainproof jacket
1 warm jacket
Underwear and socks!

General things to pack:
Swimming costume
Towel (optional)
Basic medical kit (inc. plasters, aspirin etc)
Washing powder
Insect repellent
Conversion plug

Whilst towels are provided in all hotels, they can sometimes be small in certain countries, so it is useful to bring your own.

Please be aware that most things you might want to bring, for instance towel, washing powder, insect repellent etc. are easily purchased in Europe or in London before your trip starts. Entry into some religious sights, such as Cathedrals, requires clothing to cover knees, chest and shoulders.

Some hotels may have a laundry service which you can utilize if you wish, but many passengers generally find it easy enough to wash their clothes in the hotel sink.

Have a fantastic trip!

Topdeck Team


Thanks guys so helpful! :slight_smile:


wondersoap is great for washing clothes in the hotel room, I went to europe in july and everything hung in my room dried overnight, much easier then finding a laundry mat :slight_smile: