What to do on the bus


Hey All,

I leave for my 3 trips on Saturday and I have a few questions (as silly as they may be lol).

1.) What do we do on the bus? ie talk, read, ipod, is there movies lol?
2.) Is there the ability to charge ipods/cameras on the bus?
3.) Is the bus semi comfy lol as i am on 3 back to back trips?!?!

Thanks :-*


Hi Bec, Hope you have a fantastic time on your trips.

I was on a Eurohotel trip a couple of years ago so from my experience:

1 - all of the above! Because you are up late and early to start the long drives they may not have movies all the time, usually will have a little quiet time to sleep, you can listen to your ipod, talk or read, whatever you want. You do get to watch some movies. And we each had turns of plugging in our fave ipod playlists.

2 - We didn’t have places to plug in our stuff on the bus, but that was 2 years ago, not sure if it has changed.

3 - our main bus was pretty comfy. I’m sure you will be so exhausted from all the sightseeing a partying and early morning rises that you will just be happy to have somewhere to rest your bum!!

Have a blast!


There is charges on the bus but only for phones or ipods or camera battries.

Usually drive day would be split up by breaks every 2-3 hours so the days go pretty quick.

I wasn’t a sleeper on the bus so when everyone else slept after a big night (ie. every nite) i would annoy them by taking pictures of them drooling in there sleep or just relax and listen to Music.

We would also have story time each morning which would consist of everyone putting in there favourite funny stories from the city we had just left and then we would vote on the best story and there was some really funny moments.

Then some times we would play games ie. name the song and artist, name the tv show for the theme song, battle of the sexes but us guys always lost. Impromptu Karrioke usually when we were excited about entering a new city we would all just start busting out some tunes, people driving past probably thought we were a “special” bus with 40 odd people singing and dancing in there seats and up the isle. Also had games when people had to do push ups for saying certain words which always keep your mind active.

I highly recommend moving around the bus and chatting to as many people as possible especially all in the trip to get to know people. But chatting was the most common thing to do as there was always stories that needed to be told from the night befores party.


Thanks Guys, plenty of things to do!

Hahaha you sound a tad evil Mick lol I like it :stuck_out_tongue:


When i did my topdeck tour last year,
I filled up my ipod with music & audiobooks/movies/tv shows from itunes to do when I was on the bus, it was so good. :slight_smile:


ha ha a Mike I love it!!!


I’m bringing my little netbook to update my travel blog :slight_smile: , a few books, and my mp3 player…I think I’ll be covered as I reckon I’ll be chatting and socialising too much to use them very often!


Thanks for the info Mick17! Not dreading the long drives as much now :smiley:


You’ll be really surprised how much you sleep on the coach! I did a 37 day tour with Contiki through Europe in 2007 and once I got used to sitting upright on the coach, it was hard to get me to wake up haha. And you will be having extremely long days touring the cities and probably staying up late as well so you’ll be buggered on the days you have to drive to the next place. Otherwise I used to read, take photos, chat to whoever was awake, update my picture diary (so I didn’t forget what pictures I’d taken and where) and they used to play games on the coach too, to keep everyone amused. You will be stopping every 2-3 hours anyway, so it breaks the day up a bit.
Have a fab time on your tours!!! :slight_smile:


Have fun on your trips Bec G - Wish I was going on mine but still have six months to go


Hey guys…Im on the trip now and just to correct something I was told…there is no option to charge on the bus as some people have said. Most people just talk, listen to music or sleep on the bus.


Have a trip tip Bec, thanks for clearing that up! :slight_smile:


We did on ours but we had newish buses, so sorry about that